The so-called “Island of Dawn,” far east off the coast of the Ningenai Empire. The original settlers of this island came from among the Ningenai peoples, but they now consider themselves to be quite a distinct ethnicity, and their language has evolved quite independently. The modern inhabitants call themselves the Yoakejin, or “Dawn People.”

Arms and Armor


The Yoakejin samurai is a mounted archer, using a compound bow and a variety of arrow types.

When in melee, the Yoakejin samurai may use the daito (katana) or a polearm. The samurai may also carry the wakizashi (shortsword) and tanto (dagger). The most popular polearms, such as the naginata glaive intended for footmen and the yuri spear-like weapon intended for cavalry.

Other melee weapons, such as maces and battle axes, are more commonly used by peasant warrriors than noble samurai.

(See “Weapons of the Far East” by Michael Kluever in Dragon Magazine #32 for more detailed information)


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