“Gaunorria” is the name for the vast region that was once part of the Norrani Imperium. The Imperium began to lose its hold on the “Gaunorria” provinces around 400 N.Y., falling to invasions of barbarians (the so-called “Gauthioth,” believed to be related to the Gautar), peasant uprisings, and onslaughts by monstrous beings.

The region of “Gaunorria” is not a unified culture or land, but made up of petty, feuding kingdoms. Most of the tribes of Gaunorria follow the religion of the Hierarchy, having converted before the fall of the Norrani Imperium, but do not acknowledge the Hierarch as overlord. Many of the warlords of Gaunorria still follow their ancient gods, converted into “saints” by the Hierarchy. Infidels to the Hierarchy are known as paynyms, considered accursed and damned, and their lives forfeit if they do not convert to the Hierarchy.

Within the last 200 years, Gaunorria has developed heavy cavalry, with heavy mounted knights (cavaliers) in service to petty warlords. The Gaunorrians believe the might of their cavaliers to be greater than any other fighting force, including the vikings of the North, if only they could deploy them properly against the raiders (this rarely happens, though, since the raiders tend to attack places away from the strongholds of the cavaliers, and can flee by boat before a defense can be mounted).

Gaunorria suffers the brunt of viking raids from the North, and as a result, Northerners tend to be hated and feared, both as raiders and as “pagans,” in Gaunorria. This has especially been true since the great “capital” city of Gaunorria, Sequanaborg, has been sacked twice by Vikings – once in 845 N.Y. and again in 886 N.Y.

Since 711 N.Y., Gaunorria lost control of the Nonorran Peninsula, which was conquered by Urrabites. The Urrabites have established the “Caliphate of Nonorra” on the peninsula, and have resisted all attempts to oust them. The Urrabites tried to extend their reach into upper Gaunorria, but were defeated in an epic battle in the mountains between the two regions in the year 778 N.Y., and have not tried again.

Petty Kingdoms of Upper Gaunorria

Bayaland (Bavaria) including Nordgau
Carantania (Carinthia)
Seaxnaland (Saxony)

Coinage of Upper Gaunorria

Upper Gaunorran Coinage Standard Pathfinder Equivalent
copper pfennig copper piece (sp.)
silver groschen silver piece (sp.)
gold gulden gold piece (gp.)
gold mark platinum piece (pp.)

Petty Kingdoms of Lower Gaunorria


Coinage of Lower Gaunorria

Lower Gaunorran Coinage Standard Pathfinder Equivalent
copper solt or sou copper piece (sp.)
silver denier or ecu d’argent silver piece (sp.)
gold ecu or ecu d’or (“shield” or “crown”) gold piece (gp.)


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