Yulianopolis (a.k.a. Argyropolis, Selyna, The Silver City, Mikligardhur)

LN Metropolis
Corruption: +2, Crime: +3, Economy: +7, Law: +5, Lore: +5, Society: +4
Qualities: Academic, Holy Site (Hagia Luna), Prosperous, Strategic Location, Tourist Attraction (The Great Arena)
Danger: +10
Disadvantages: None
Government: Overlord (The Silver Emperor)
Population: over 25,000 at any given time (mostly human, but a wide mixture of ethnicities)
Notable NPCs:

  • The Silver Emperor (Leon VI, Leon “The Wise,” of House Borealides)
  • The Argyrogenitos (“Silverborn,” Prince of Palnorra, Alexandros, younger brother of Leon VI, scion of House Borealides)
  • The Barangoi – The Silver Emperor’s personal guard of Northern warriors, commanded by a scion of House Maleinos.
  • The Patriarch – The High Priest of the Church of Hagia Luna, who considers himself equal to the Hierarch in Norra, though the Hierarch States consider him far beneath the Hierarch. (Gregorites Melissenos of House Melissenos).
  • The Minister Arcane (Iohannes Axukos of House Axukos) – The Emperor’s chief expert and minister on all matters magical. While the Hierarchy officially despises arcane magic, and in the west it is largely illegal, here in the east, the Imperial Order of Thaumaturges is licensed to practice thaumaturgy – “wonder-working,” or divinely-approved arcane magic – with the blessings of the Patriarch.
  • The Grand Rhetor (Arethas of Yuliana) – The emperor’s chief speechwriter and rhetorician, appointed in the first month of 901 N.Y. A commentator on Palnorran philosophy and the theology of the Dyovian Church, himself a cleric of the church.
  • Master of the Games – Phaidianos Akrophorion, an up-and-coming showman who is not from any of the Great Houses. The Master of the Games oversees and regulates the chariot races in the Hippodrome and the gladiatorial combats in the Great Arena

Base Value: 25,600 gp., Purchase Limit: 150,000 gp., Spellcasting: 9th
Minor Items: all available, Medium Items: 4d4, Major Items: 3d4
Significant Locations
- The Great Walls – Walls of such fabled magnificence, no invader has successfully stormed them.
- The Grand Marketplace – At the center of the main city, a covered marketplace surrounded by stone walls, through which there are many gates.
- The Norranaeum – Constructed as a Norrani-style Forum, a ceremonial center near the palace.
- The Forum of Yulianos – A Forum dedicated to the great emperor Yulianos, complete with the great Column of Yulianos topped by a colossal statue of the emperor.
- To Mega Palation – “The Great Palace” – adjacent to The Hippodrome, the palace of the Silver Emperors.
- Barracks of the Barangoi – A great military barracks attached to the Great Palace, the quarters of the Barangoi, the Silver Emperor’s personal guard of Northern warriors.
- The Hippodrome – The great racetrack of the Silver City
- The Grand Arena – Just north of The Hippodrome, the great gladiatorial arena of the Silver City. Gladiators belong to a guild known as The Brotherhood of the Sand, sometimes nicknamed Sandmen. They have a warren of tunnels under the arena that connects to the city catacombs and sewers, and their own tavern, called The Last Taste.
- The Aquilonian Tavern – Named for “Hagios Aquilo,” Patron Saint of the North Wind, this tavern caters to Northerners, including the Barangoi.
- The University of Yulianopolis – A great institution of higher learning revered throughout Palnorra.

Defense Forces

The city is patrolled by units known as the Tagmata, meaning the “Regiments,” each a force about the size of a Drungos (400 men) commanded by a Drungarios. Each Drungos consists of 2 Banda (singular Bandon) of 200 men, each commanded by a Komes. Each Bandon consists of 2 Kentarkhiai of 100 men, commanded by an officer called a Kentarkhes or a Hekatonarkhes. A Kentarkhia is made up of units called Kontubernia (singualr Kontubernion) of 10 men each (a vanguard of 5, a rear guard of 4, and a commander called a Dekarkhos – the vanguard is led by a Pentarkhes and the rear guard is led by a Tetrarkhes). An officer exists to oversee each group of 5 Kontubernia, he is called a Pentekontarkhes.

The current Tagmata are:

  • The Skholai (The Schools) – elite units, established by Yulianos the Great himself in the 4th century
  • The Exkubitoi (The Sentinels) – watch units – established by Leon I in the 5th century
  • The Arithmos (The Number) – watch units – established by Empress Eirene in the 780s, guarding the palace, the Hippodrome, and the Grand Arena.
  • The Hikantoi (The Able Ones) – watch units – established by Nikephoros in 810.

Underworld Institutions

Yulianopolis has a number of extralegal institutions, including:

  • The Brotherhood of the Silver Shadow – The Yulianopolitan Thieves’ Guild
  • The Guild of Silver Slayers – A Yulianopolitan Assassin’s Guild
  • The Guild of Beggars – A quasi-legal guild of licensed beggars who supplement their earnings with a variety of criminal enterprises, mostly under the aegis of the Brotherhood of the Silver Shadow.


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