The lands directly to the east of the Northern subcontinent are known by a variety of names, including Permia, Bjarmia, and Bjarmaland. Technically, Permia proper is the furthest northern land to the east, as the other regions have separate names (see below). Any number of mysterious things are said to happen there. The inhabitants vary from region to region – Kvenir in the northwest, Vendar and Vylgar throughout much of the rest of the land, even Ningul to the far southeast. The Rys are essentially transplanted Sviar who have colonized parts of Permia. Hags, giants, trolls, dragons, and other mysterious creatures are said to be far more common in Permia than in the common lands of the North.

Known Regions of Permia

  • Gardhariki (sometimes shortened to simply "Gardhar*) – “Land of Fortified Towns” – The lands of the tribes of Rys and the Rys Khanate, built as a chain of forts and fortified settlements along the rivers of the East. The capital is said to be Holmsgardhur (“Novgorod,” where rules Oleg Khan). Other major settlements include Aldeigjuborg (Old Ladoga), Koenugardhur (Kiev – King Kaenmar), Pallteskja (Polotsk – King Paltes), Smaleskja (Smolensk), Sursdalar (Suzdal – King Eddval), Moramar (Murom – King Marro), and Radhstofa (Rostov – King Rodstaff). Gardhariki
  • Glasisvellir or Glasir Plains – The “Glittering Plains,” a land to the east of even Gardhariki, said to be a land of giants and sorcerers. The river Herma separates the Glasir Plains from Risaland, and is said to be so cold that if any of it touches bare flesh, it instantly kills that flesh and must be amputated. The king of Glasir Plains is called Gudhmundur, he has a sister named Hleid who was once captured and served in the Temple of Jomali in northern Permia and later married the hero Herraudh of Gautland. Glasisvellir
  • Grundir – A jarldom, east of Risaland, with its capital at Gnipaland. The jarl’s followers are trolls, not men. Grundir
  • Karelia – A Kvenir region north of Lake Ladoga, bordering the Gandvik. A land known for its forests, lakes, and bogs, as well as its teeming population of trolls and giants. Karelians are said to be especially skilled in sorcery. The capital is Vyborg in the southwest, on the gulf, technically owing fealty to Gardhariki. Karelia
  • Kurland – A Vendar region just east of Vendland proper, in an amber-rich region north of the Eystrasalt (“Eastern Salt Sea”, called the Ostsae “Eastsea” by Ethellings). Said to be a wild and savage region. Kurland
  • Permia – “True” Permia, the northernmost land of the East, ruled by King Harek the Dragon. Harek’s sons Hraerek and Siggeirr serve at the court of Gudhmundur of Glasir Plains. King Harek’s citizenry is a mixture of Kvenir and Vendar peoples. His land holds a great temple of Jomali, run by the king’s mother Kolfrosta and guarded by a giant vulture and demonic bull. The original temple was raided and destroyed by Vikings, but Harek ordered it rebuilt. One of the Vikings who sacked the temple, Bosi, managed to carve out a kingdom from western Permia for a time, later held by his son Svidi the Bold and grandson Vilmundur the Absentminded.

Permia is said to be home to any number of terrors. Among these are the lich Koschei the Deathless and the terrible dragons known as the Zmey.

  • Risaland – An all but unknown land to the east of the Glittering Plains of Glasisvellir, said to be a land of giants, and said by some to be so powerful that the Glasir Plains pay tribute to the kings of Risaland. The capital is Geirrodhargardhar Somewhere northeast of Risaland is said to lie Jotunheimur. The king is Geirrodhur, brother of Gudhmundur. Risaland
  • Tafestaland – A Kvenir region just north of Karelia, said to be even more savage and wild. The people deal in timber and furs, but the land is beset with trolls and giants. Tafestaland


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