Noregur, also known as Einrikinn (“The One Kingdom”), is the realm of Haraldur Einkonungur (The One King, King of Noregur, “Emperor of the North”). The One King has claimed sovereignty over all the tribes of the Northmenn, and it is rumored he intends to extend his domain to encompass the entire North of Midhgardhur.

According to legend, the land and tribes of Noregur were established by the ancient hero Norr Thorrason (son of Thorri, son of Snaer the Old, son of Frosti, son of Kari). Norr and his brother Gorr were searching for their lost sister Goi, and in the course of his explorations Norr and his followers claimed and settled Noregur, taking the land from the more primitive Kvenir.

Noregur consisted of many petty kingdoms before the rise of King Haraldur. The One King himself hailed from the petty kingdom of Vestfold. It is said by people there that his cousin Ragnvald Olafsson, known as “Ragnvald the Mountain-High,” was the legitimate heir to the kingdom of Vestfold, and that Haraldur has no right to the throne at all. People that say this too loudly are silenced. Ragnvald is believed to have been killed long ago, but his daughter Asa disappeared, and many say that Haraldur will never rest easily until Asa is found and . . . dealth with.

One of the ways in which the One King maintains his power is an institution of secret police or spies, a secret organization – almost a cult – made up of members of the One King’s retinue who roam Noregur looking for signs of rebellion and treason . . . and getting rid of troublemakers.

The great city of Kaupangur in Vestfold is one of the great markets of the North (along with Heidhabyr in the Jutland peninsula of Denaland). The southernmost tip of the land has a mix of deciduous and coniferous forests forests, but most of the country is exclusively coniferous forests and tundra.

The Petty Kingdoms

These are some of the petty kingdoms united by the One King’s rule:

  • Agdhir – the southeast tip of Noregur
  • Grenland – the land of the Grenir, around Lake Norsjo
  • Hadhaland – the land of the Hadhar, in the southeast of Noregur
  • Halogaland – the land of the Haleygir – “people of Hel’s fires” and the Kvenir (a scraelingar people), along the west coast of Noregur. One of the most important chiefdoms is that of Torgar Island.
  • Hardhangur – the “hard fjord” in the southeast of Noregur
  • Heidhmork – the land of the Heidhnir, in the Upplond of Noregur. The mountain Dofrafjall forms the natural border between this land and Throendalog
  • Hordhaland – the land of the Hordhar
  • Hringariki – The kingdom of the Hringir
  • Land – a small petty kingdom near the Upplond
  • Naumudalur – the valley of the river Nauma in central Noregur
  • Nordmoerr (Nordmore) – northern Moerr, the north coast of southern Noregur
  • Orkardalur – the valley of the river Ork, on the northern tip of southern Noregur
  • Ranriki – The Vik – The Bay, The Kingdom of Ran – southeast bay area of Noregur
  • Raumariki – The kingdom of the Raumir. the tribe descended from Raumur inn gamli, Raumur the Old
  • Raumsdalur – the valley of the river Rauma, and the district called Raumur, on the west coast of Noregur
  • Rogaland – the land of the Rygir (originally Rygjaland), the southwesternmost tip of Noregur
  • Sogn – the land of the Sygnir, named for the tidal current of their fjord (from “suga” = “suck”), on the west coast of Noregur
  • Soloyjar – land of the mudflats (“sol” = “mud,” “oy” = “flat”), formed by the river Glaumur (“noisy”), a heavily forested region inhabited by many Kvenir
  • Sunnmoerr (Sunnmore) – southern Moerr, south of Nordmoerr
  • Thelamork – the land of the Thelir, on the southern coast of Noregur
  • Thotn – in eastern Noregur
  • Throendalog – originally Throenda-lagu, the law of the Throendir, on the central west coast of Noregur. Ruled by the Jarl of Hladhir (a settlement east of Nidhaross). The One King was hailed at the Thing held at the mouth of the river Nidh. The mountain Dofrafjall forms the natural border between this land and Heidhmork.
  • The region of the Upplond – the “up-lands” district of south-central Noregur, home to several petty kingdoms
  • Vestfold – a tiny kingdom of southern Noregur, with an ancient Thing held at Haugar, called the Haugathing. The city of Kaupangur, known for the Skiringssalur (“Shining Hall”) is in Vestfold (established in the 780s N.Y.)
  • The region of Vikin – “The Bay” – including Grenland, Ranriki, Vestfold, and Vingulmork
  • Vingulmork – a tiny kingdom in southern Noregur, named for the inner part of Oslofjord called “Vingull” (“turn”), for it is shaped like a hook. Contains Ostfold. Half of this kingdom was part of the inheritance of the One King, the other half he had to take from King Gandalfur Alfgeirsson.
  • Vors – “of Vorr” = “of the sea/wave”, a tiny kingdom on the southwest coast of Noregur, in the region called Hordhaland.

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