The Hierarchy

This is the church of Dyovis as it was established in the West, in the old heartlands of the Norrani Imperium. The Hierarchy teaches strength through unity, and unity under the Hierarchy (and the Hierarch himself. This reflects the unity of Heaven, in which there is but One True God (Dyovis), whose will is executed by his Only Begotten Son, the Ransomer, Redeemer, and Savior of mortal races, Melkartes Soter, himself an Avatar of his father, and thus God, born of God and mortal woman (Blessed Alkmena, Mother of God).

The Hierarchy admits of no divinities beyond Dyovis (and his Son who is an Avatar of Himself, Melkartes Soter). He is served by seemingly semi-divine beings called Angels, but they are not gods. Many great prophets and martyrs have been granted a sort of semi-divine status as Saints, but these are not gods. There is only the One True God and His Son Who Is Himself.

It is the teaching of the Church that the Hierarchy was begin by Melkartes Soter himself, the Son of Dyovis, who appointed the Patriarch of Norra to be his vicar in the world. It is on this basis of this that the Patriarch of Norra has claimed the title of Hierarch, claiming total dominion over the faithful of Dyovis and his son Melkartes Soter.

Ranks of the Hierarchy

  • HierarchThe Supreme Patriarch, The Patriarch of Norra
  • The College of PatriarchsPatriarch
  • Archbishop (“Archepiscopus”)
  • Bishop (“Episcopus”)
  • Priest (“Presbyter”)
  • Deacon (“Diaconus”)
  • Acolyte

Below these are the lesser holy orders, including monastic orders and holy warriors of the Church.

Relations With Outsiders: Those who are not of the hierarchy, whether Urrabite or of some native religion, are known as paynyms, and are considered accursed and damned. Urrabites in particular are known as saracens, a term derived from an ancient tribe known as the “Sarakenoi” in Palnorran and “Saraceni” in Norrani and the Urrabitic tongue.


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