Gjukingar (Niflungar)

Tribal Affiliation: Niflungar

The Niflungar are an offshoot of the huldrufolk, the “hidden people” (gnomes) tied more closely to the realm of Niflheimur. They correspond closely to the standard Pathfinder race of svirfneblin.

The Gjukingar (Children of Gjuki) are the primary tribe or clan of the Niflungar, descendants of the ancient royal line of Gjuki. The royal line was founded by an ancestor known as Nefi or Naefill, who begat Heimar, who begat Eynefur, who begat Rakni, who begat Gjuki. Gjuki established the current clan. Their current king is Hogni, who rules from a hidden cavern near Glanmalkinn, the dvergar ruins on Bleikstrand.

The royal throne of the Gjukingar is known as the Throne of Mists, the Niflstoll.


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