Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 63 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 1 - To the Pillars of Melkartes)

HM11 Voyage to Torgar

7/12/14 – 63rd Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 1 – To the Pillars of Melkartes)
Game Dates: 1/3/901 N.Y. – 1/19/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 25, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 75, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 76, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 31, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 20, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 74

Sjaundidagur, the 3rd of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

By this date the heroes were ready to embark upon their journey to Torgar Island. They hired a crew of 40 sailors to man the Helgiask – a mix of local Palnorran sailors who know the waters of the Midhjardharhaf and Northerners who had come to Mikligardhur and now wished to return home to the north. Estrid Freysteinn was appointed captain of the Helgiask for the voyage, and she oversaw the stocking of the ship, and purchased a map of the Midhjardharhaf in the Grand Marketplace. Kasimir von Schosse oversaw the protection of his house with ribbons and by planting trees. He also paid the staff of his house for a year in advance, being unsure when he could return to Yulianopolis. The day they set forth, it was quite cold, there being a light snow falling, and a strong wind. For the first several days, Kas was also seasick.

Tysdagur, the 5th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

Following the course westward set by Estrid, the Helgiask was using the strong winds blowing from the south to make swift progress. On this day they passed a couple of merchant ships escorted by a war galley, which moved menacingly between the Helgiask and the merchants. Hakon Finehair the Skald observed that Northern raiders has been reaching these waters for nearly a hundred years now, so it was no wonder that local ships eyed a Northern longship so warily.

Odhinsdagur, the 7th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the southerly wind ceased to blow so strongly, and the winter air grew cooler, as they carried on towards the island of Trinacria, where they hoped to make port and refresh their supplies.

Solsdagur, the 11th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the Helgiask approached the island of Trinacria. Despite a patrol by a menacing warship, they made port at the city of Sarausa, a city under the dominion of the Hierarch States. Caelrath spoke a dialect of the local language, and Kas was able to use his wand of share language to make certain the heroes could communicate with the locals. Estrid oversaw the restocking of the ship with fresh produce, while Hakon and Salome went to a tavern to gather information. It was made clear that those whom the Hierarchy labels infidels are not welcome in this land. The heroes were quite happy to leave Sarausa.

Over the next few days, the weather was cold and clear, with strong wind again from the south that could help them speeding westward . . .

Thorsdagur, the 15th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes saw a small island off the coast of Omuria. Estrid decided to sail the Helgiask between the island and the coast. As they approached the island, however, a hot boulder flew into the water near the ship, hissing with steam. Looking to the island, the heroes saw a volcano, but the rock had not been launched into the air randomly by volcanic action. Rather, they saw a fire giant standing on the shore of the island, preparing to hurl another hot rock at them.

Estrid gave the order to land and attack the giant. As they hit the beach, Salome charged at the giant. Kas became invisible and began to fly. Estrid called down a flame strike upon the giant, which while it was unharmed by the fire, was burned by the holy power of the energy. The giant landed three massive blows on Salome, nearly killing her outright, while Caelrath tried in vain to use magic to hold the giant. Hakon approached the giant and began chanting a dirge of doom, which seemed to leave the giant shaken.

Salome healed herself with her holy ability to lay on hands, then used her power to smite evil on the giant. Kas tried repeatedly to use phantasmal killer to slay the giant, but in vain. Estrid began a lightning storm. Caelrath quickly converted his scorching ray galdur to an acidic ray galdur. Bergsveinn Farisson maneuvered to attack the giant from behind.

Salome attacked the giant with her sword and Estrid with her lightning. The giant responded by striking down Salome, roaring, “I shall send you all to that ”/wikis/valholl-0" class=“wiki-page-link”>Valholl you love so much!" None knew that the Nornir had decreed that it was not yet Salome’s time to die – her hamingja allowed her to miraculously survive! Caelrath used a spell to slow the giant, and Bergsveinn used his prayers of death watch to monitor how close to death the giant was . . . and discovered that Salome was alive.

Kas blasted the fire giant with magic missiles, and Estrid struck him with lightning. The giant attempted to flee towards the volcano, calling out, “Brothers! Aid me!” But his attempt to flee allowed Bergsveinn to land a wicked blow with his axe, and Caelrath used another acidic ray to put a hole through the giant’s head, slaying him. For this deed, Hakon Finehair the Skald named Caelrath “Jotunsbani”, or “Giant’s Bane”.

Bergsveinn Farisson healed Salome Arkonides with his prayers, and the heroes took the giant’s greatsword and his pouch (which held 5456 gold coins of local mint), but they quickly headed back to their ship, not wishing to quarrel with the fire giant’s brothers.

The heroes set sail for the Pillars of Melkartes once more . . .

Manadagur, the 19th of Morsurgur, 901 N.Y.

By the evening of the 19th, the Pillars of Melkartes could be seen in the distance . . .

XP Earned: 22,400 (4480 each)
Total XP: 160,511 each
XP to level 12: 220,000


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