Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 59 - The Silver City (Act 4 - Villa Tzimiskes, Part 2)

HM10 The Silver City

5/3/14 – 59th Session – Module HM10 – The Silver City (Act 4 – Villa Tzimiskes, part 2)
Game Dates: 12/26/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Basileus Arkonides (Chris) – domur: 70, hamingja: 2
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 70, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 71, hamingja: 3
Thrand Hallsteinsson (Josh) – domur: 70, hamingja: 3
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 20, hamingja: 2
Neferata (Jessie) – domur: 55, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 24, hamingja: 2
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 69
Gruull (NPC, Cohort of Basileus Arkonides) – domur: 23
Bronislava (NPC Mercenary)

Freyjudagur, the 26th of Ylir, 900 N.Y.

Having recovered from the bubonic plague inflicted upon them by the vrykolakas, the heroes awoke on the morning of the 26th feeling healthy and refreshed. Kasimir von Schosse apologized to his comrades for the fireball which he had detonated in their midst. He gave them ribbons by way of apology. Estrid Freysteinn burned her ribbon. Neferata took her ribbon with her to the Grand Marketplace and gave it to a passing child at random. At the marketplace, she stocked up on fireball scrolls . . .

Meanwhile, back at stately Villa Arkonides, the House chaplain, Father Theodoros, inquired whether the heroes would continue to require his services. He was quite relieved that Bergsveinn Farisson agreed to rejoin the party heading back to Villa Tzimiskes.

Basileus Arkonides had sent a courier to inform the Silver Emperor of their progress. A reply arrived on this morning that read: “Well done! Keep me informed of your progress; keep up the good work!” The heroes finished an early breakfast, and then prepared to get back to work . . .

The heroes arrived at Villa Tzimiskes to find the doors locked and barred. Baz pounded on the door with his mailed fist, demanding that they open up in the name of the emperor. The guard who answered the door (whose name later proved to be Akhilles) did not want to admit the heroes, then, having examined the emperor’s writ, admitted them to the atrium and started into the dark villa to “fetch his master to help them.” Immediately, several of the heroes began to protect themselves with layers of enchantments, or to prepare offensive magics, while Bergsveinn used a prayer to bolster his command – “HALT!”

Akhilles was stopped in his tracks by Bergsveinn’s command, followed by the great trollkyn godhi getting right in his face and bellowing, “Whom or WHAT were you going to get?!?” Basileus tried to smooth over the situation by offering the guard a bribe, while Estrid began scouting the cubicula off the atrium. When Akhilles responded to Baz’s offer of bribery with an indignant cry, “You would have me betray my master? What sort of man can you be, who holds loyalty and honor so cheap?”, Neferata muttered, “This is taking too long,” pulled out a dagger, and attempted to slit Akhilles’ throat . . . but the guard was able to move out of the way, and the dagger glanced off his collarbone. Akhilles began to scream for help, his cries echoing through the darkened villa, as Basileus Arkonides drew his sword and slashed at the guard. Kasimir von Schosse finished the wretch off with a spell of magic missiles.

With the death of Akhilles, Basileus Arkonides began to order the heroes into tactical positions. Estrid used spider climb to ascend to the ceiling of the atrium, while Caelrath used a galdur spell of detect magic to examine a strange blue amulet that Akhilles had been wearing. Identifying it as a periapt of health, he handed it to Basileus, on the assumption that they might run into more plague-ridden vrykolakas.

Meanwhile, a man in rich, fur-lined garments emerged from the hallways at the far end of the atrium with two guardsman accompanying him. He identified himself as Raduslav Tzimiskes, the alleged master of the house. He demanded to know by what right the heroes had burst into his home and murdered his guard, Akhilles. The heroes presented their writ from the emperor as their authorization to do this, so Raduslav sent one of his guards, Thyestes, to examine it. Seeing that the writ authorized investigation of the house, but not violence against member of his house, Raduslav raged at the heroes for this violation of the sanctity of his home and for their crime. Kas was muttering half-hearted protests, mentioning that Neferata had started it by stabbing the man . . .

At the same time, Neferata had stealthily slunk to the far end of the atrium, flanking Raduslav and his other bodyguard from the shadows. Only Bergsveinn was paying any attention to where she was. She used a message spell to whisper to the other heroes, “Shut up, Kasimir! Everybody get ready to follow my lead!” She then attempted to cast a fireball spell from a scroll, but she somehow botched the spell, detonating the fireball centered on her own location near the tablinum at the back of the atrium, setting alight the study. Seeing that the time for talk was over, Baz drew his sword and attacked Thyestes

The heroes protected themselves with enchantments as Baz finished off Thyestes and Estrid used her burning gaze to set Raduslav and his clothing alight. The other guard was advancing on Neferata, sword drawn, apparently unaware that her powers of evasion were so great that she had managed to elude any harm at all in the detonation of the botched fireball.

The heroes began to advance down the atrium, Bergsveinn using a prayer of forbid action to command Raduslav, “DON’T MOVE!”, while Kas summoned an ice storm to pummel him into submission and coat the floors around him with ice, preventing him from running.

The guard fighting Neferata dropped his sword and attempted to surrender. She simply said, “That makes this easy” and ran her sword through the man’s skull, an act which sickened and disgusted the other heroes. She then ducked into an adjacent room, which turned out to be a library, which she then searched using her sorcerous spells to detect magic, but she failed to locate any . . .

Meanwhile, Estrid Freysteinn had gone back into the hallways behind Raduslav and discovered a peristyle blocked off from sunlight by heavy cloth draperies. She used her burning gaze to set the draperies alight, to allow some sunlight into the darkened areas of the villa.

Raduslav Tzimiskes cast away his sword and surrendered. Baz sent Bronislava to tie him up so that he could be interrogated . . .

XP Earned: 21,000 (3500 each)
Total XP: 142,258 each
XP to level 11: 155,000


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