Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 54 - The Silver City (Act 1)

HM10 The Silver City

1/4/14 – 54th Session – Module HM10 – The Silver City (Act 1)
Game Date: 11/27/900

The Party:
Basileus Arkonides (Chris) – domur: 68, hamingja: 2
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 68, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 71, hamingja: 3
Thrand Hallsteinsson (Josh) – domur: 68, hamingja: 3
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – _domur: 18, hamingja: 2
Neferata (Jessie) – domur: 53, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 24, hamingja: 2
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 64
Gruull (NPC, Cohort of Basileus Arkonides) – domur: 23
Bronislava (NPC Mercenary)

Thorsdagur, the 27th of Gormanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes divided up the treasures they had won from the scylla and charybdis they had defeated. Then they re-boarded the Helgiask and sailed through the straits towards Yulianopolis, the “Silver City.” Nothing could have prepared those who had never visited the Silver City before – the largest and grandest city and civilization in the known world!

And so Basileus Arkonides returned to his home city in triumph and glory, proudly proclaiming himself. He spread some of his wealth among the guards and customs agents who inspected the Helgiask upon their arrival.

The party decided to split up once in the city.

Bergsveinn Farisson, Estrid Freysteinn, and Kasimir von Schosse went to the Grand Marketplace to scout possible buyers and evaluate potential prices for the treasures they brought to the city. They used a wand of share language to allow Estrid to understand Palnorrani. They found that this city would probably be the ideal place to finally sell all of the many treasures they have been carting along with them . . .

Meanwhile, Caelrath spent some time in the academic quarters of the city, haunting bookstores, libraries, and magic shops, learning what he could of southern sorcery. He was able to buy new spells for his spellbooks, and inquire into the forbidden demon-lore of the south, trying to find ways to combat such monstrous creatures. He found a great fear and reluctance regarding the lore of demons in the Silver City, since so many of the Palnorrani credit the use and abuse of demonic knowledge with causing the fall of the Norrani Imperium. Nevertheless, he was able to glean some useful knowledge.

Basileus Arkonides hired sedan chairs for himself, his followers, and for Thrand Hallsteinsson and Neferata. They traveled to the Arkonides Villa, ancestral estate of House Arkonides. There they were received cautiously by Spirodon Arkonides, the father of Baz. As he revealed to his father his misdeeds in impersonating an imperial ambassador, the father told his son that allegations of this sort were already circulating at court thanks to Diokles Tzimiskes.

The heroes regrouped back at the Arkonides Villa. Basileus Arkonides announced his plan to deal with the (somewhat true) allegations against him (and, to a lesser extent, against Neferata) was to present himself before the court of the Silver Emperor and brazen it out, head on. He announced that while he would appreciate the support of his friends and colleagues at court, if things turned bad, he did not want anyone to interfere or become involved. Nevertheless, Neferata spent some time double-checking escape routes and bribing guards at the city gates to let her through if she should come running under pursuit. Spirodon announced that he was officially distancing himself from his son for the moment, so that if the wrath of the emperor should fall upon Baz, it would not destroy House Arkonides.

That night, some of them awakened to the sound of footsteps on the rooftops of the guest quarters at the Arkonides Villa, and rattling at the locks on their doors. A number of dark-robed and cowled assassins attempted to attack the heroes, and the heroes dispatched them in heroic fashion, blasting them apart with fireballs, ball lightning, and brute force. After the battle it was revealed that the would-be assassins were svartalfar, a race all but unknown in these lands. Bergsveinn managed to capture one for the group (particularly Baz, as it turned out) to interrogate . . . and to force him to testify in court that Diokles Tzimiskes was behind the attack.

Neferata also managed to capture one of the svartalfar and interrogate him brutally herself. She sent him away to the Storm King as a warning . . . “If he wants to kill me, he had better send an army!”

XP Earned: 12,300 (2050 each)
Total XP: 123,356 each
XP to level 11: 155,000


I think I’ve officially shifted in alignment from Chaotic Neutral to Chaotic Evil with that act, or come very close.


Or at least chaotic unpleasant.

Valerianus Valerianus

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