Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 52 - Sailing to Yulianopolis (Act 1)

HM9 Sailing to Yulianopolis

11/23/13 – 52nd Session – Module HM9 – Sailing to Yulianopolis (Act 1)
Game Date: 10/22/900 N.Y. – 11/19/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Basileus Arkonides (Chris) – domur: 65, hamingja: 2
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 65, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 69, hamingja: 3
Thrand Hallsteinsson (Josh) – domur: 65, hamingja: 3
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – _domur: 15, hamingja: 2
Neferata (Jessie) – domur: 50, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 21, hamingja: 2
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 61
Gruull (NPC, Cohort of Basileus Arkonides) – domur: 20
Bronislava (NPC Mercenary)

Odhinsdagur, the 22nd of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes arrived at the city of Tanais, a city which long ago boasted glorious architecture, but which was sacked and ruined about 600 years before. Tanais had never recovered from that sack in ancient times, but was still a port for ships coming to and from the Dyn. Asking around, the heroes learned that the journey to Yulianopolis was about 11 days or so.

Making further inquiries, the heroes decided to hire a couple of sailors (a Palnorran named Kalkas and a Vylgari named Radu). Basileus Arkonides agreed to pay them each 1 gold eyrir now and another upon arrival at Yulianopolis. Kasimir von Schosse performed a “ribbonmancy” ceremony to determine the auspices for the journey, and determined that they were favorable. The heroes stocked up on barrels of fresh water, and took advice from their new sailors to try to hug the coast as much as possible on their voyage. Then, despite a rising fog, they set sail.

Manadagur, the 27th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

After several days of relatively smooth sailing, on this day the heroes sighted a pod of five small whales. The whales were taken as a good omen by the sailors. The sailors were disappointed that they did not have a larger crew that could hunt the whales for their meat and oil. The pod was sighted again a few days later.

Freyjudagur, the 31st of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes sighted a dragon flying far overhead. Estrid Freysteinn used her eagle eye spell to get a closer look at the dragon, and determined that its scales were bronze – and bronze dragons were known to be lawful and good in their alignment. Kasimir was trying to signal the dragon to come down to visit them.

So Caelrath cast a fly spell and soared up to meet the dragon. He introduced himself, and invited the dragon to come speak to them, although he did warn the dragon that some of their number (e.g. Estrid Freysteinn, Neferata, and Thrand Hallsteinsson) were somewhat prejudiced against dragons). The dragon introduced himself as Astyniax the Bronze (a young bronze dragon), who had been concerned that they were pirates, and was quite relieved to find out that they were not.

Astyniax the Bronze informed them that there was a storm on the horizon, but that there might be a greater danger at the narrow straits that lead to the city of Yulianopolis – the dragon had seen debris from several destroyed ships in that area, but had not seen anything that could have wrecked the ships. He regretted that he could give them no more aid than this. In return, Basileus Arkonides promised that Astyniax could call upon him if he or House Arkonides could ever be of service to him.

After Astyniax departed, the heroes put ashore to avoid the storm. They did not set sail again until Sjaundidagur the 2nd of Gormanudhur.

Sjaundidagur, the 16th of Gormanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes were nearing the straits that led to Yulianopolis. They began to sight debris from wrecked ships, and began to worry about what could be wrecking them. Estrid Freysteinn used her power of wild shape to adopt the form of a medium water elemental and explore under the sea. Far ahead of the ship, she saw a terrible monstrosity cruising along the bottom of the sea, among many old wrecked ships. The creature was nearly as long as their ship, covered in chitin and spines and blubber.

Estrid retuned to the ship and reported what she had seen. After her words were translated by Basileus, the sailor Kalkas was able to identify the creature as a charybdis – a terrible monster that can create whirlpools and sucks down ships, cracking them open to devour the sailors within. The heroes decided to pull the Helgiask ashore and come up with a plan before trying to kill the sea monster. After much discussion, they decided to create a decoy ship using wood from the nearby forest. They would use the decoy to try to lure the creature to the surface where they could destroy it. Since Basileus had the skills of a shipwright and both Kalkas and Radu knew the basics of ship construction, they had the necessary knowledge and skills to create such a decoy . . .

Odhinsdagur the 19th of Gormanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes had completed construction of the decoy ship and were preparing to set into action their plan to kill the charybdis . . .

XP Earned: 12,803 (1829 each)
Total XP: 106,677 each
XP to level 11: 155,000
Hamingja: 1 point awarded


Valerianus Valerianus

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