Heroes of Midhgardhur

Dungeon Crawl Classics Game #1 - "The Portal Under the Stars"

Dungeon Crawl Classics Game #1 – The Portal Under the Stars

Tried a character funnel . . . the following zero-level characters were sent to Valholl:

The Honored Dead in Valholl

  • Irim Mournelips, the guild beggar (m.) – Tanya
  • Catios Hamebear, the turnip farmer (f.) – Tanya
  • Romm, the hunter (m.) – Josh
  • Okar, the locksmith (m.) – Josh
  • Ischiros, the elven barrister (m.) – Josh
  • Turlough Zenobia, the herder (m.) – Tanya

Survivors of the Quest

  • Rala Wyrmsilver, formerly an urchin, now a Witness (cleric) (f.) – Tanya
  • Fossor Hellstorm, formerly a grave digger, now a Squire (warrior) (m.) – Tanya
  • Soror Pithiam, formerly a halfling dyer, now a Wanderer (halfling) (f.) – Tanya
  • Gobir, formerly a jeweler, now occupation undetermined (m.) – Josh
  • Ollub, formerly a wainwright, now occupation undetermined (m.) – Josh
  • Gazal, formerly a grave digger (or grave robber!), now occupation undetermined (m.) – Josh
  • Yaros, formerly a squire, now still a Squire (warrior) (m.) – Metellus
  • Jargo, formerly a hunter, now a Wildling (warrior) (m.) – Metellus
  • Erasmus, formerly an astrologer, now a Cultist (wizard) (m.) – Metellus
  • Roska, formerly a trapper, now occupation undetermined (f.) – Metellus
  • Lucifer, formerly an elven sage, now a Wanderer (elf) (m.) – Metellus
  • Valerius, formerly a smuggler, now a Beggar (thief) (m.) – Metellus


Valerianus Valerianus

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