Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 70 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 4 - An Dragain Glas - The Green Dragons)

HM11 Voyage to Torgar

1/17/15 – 70th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 4 – An Dragain Glas – The Green Dragons)
Game Dates: 2/10/901 – 2/17/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 32, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 83, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 83, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 38, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 32, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 81

Tysdagur, the 10th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the heroes once again boarded the Helgiask and set forth once more on their journey north. For the next few days, the weather was rather cold (as is typical for the month of Thorri in the North), but clear, and good sailing as they made their way toward the Prytanian Channel.

Manadagur, the 16th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day a terrible storm was seen on the horizon to the south, and the heroes had to decide whether to risk sailing on and being caught at sea when the storm caught up with them, or whether to make landfall and ride out the storm on land. After much deliberation, they decided to go ashore and wait out the foul weather.

They pulled the Helgiask ashore on the forested northern coast of the Caliphate of Nonorra, in what they had heard was the land of the Kallaeki. They made sure that the Helgiask was securely ashore, then Kasimir von Schosse used his tiny hut spells to provide shelter for the heroes, their crew, and the Helgiask.

Tysdagur, the 17th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

The next morning, the storm had temporarily abated, but the skies remained threatening, and the heroes believed that more bad weather was on the way. They decided to stay ashore until the situation improves.

In the mid-morning, they were surprised by the arrival of four armed figures from the woods. These proved to be humans, pale of skin and fair of hair, yet their common tongue was not comprehensible to anyone in the party, save Caelrath (who could puzzle out some words as related to Prytani, a language he did speak), and Salome Arkonides, who was wearing a helm of comprehend languages. Caelrath used mage armor upon himself as soon as they appeared.

With some difficulty, they managed to convince the apparent leader of these tribesmen to accept a “blessing” from Kasimir’s wand of share language, thus granting him the ability to speak Thjodisk for the next 24 hours. Once able to communicate freely, the leader introduced himself as Aonghus and his comrades as Aodhan, Doireann, and Etain (who seemed badly injured). Salome healed Etain by her ability to lay on hands. They had been in a battle with green dragons! They explained that their village was not far from the territory of a green dragon, but until recently they had co-existed in relative peace. But recently the dragon made more attacks on the Kallaeki villagers, so they had made a large warband and ventured into the so-called Forbidden Forest, the territory of the green dragon. But as they approached the place where they supposed the dragon made its lair, they were set upon by not one, but two dragons! The dragons easily scattered the warband and smashed their forces, sending them fleeing in all directions. Aonghus’ band survived to make it to the shore. They did not know what had befallen the rest of their village . . .

Kasimir von Schosse, immediately volunteered the party to go fight the two green dragons. Not everybody appreciated being “volunteered” for this task, but Salome Arkonides also immediately agreed to take up this challenge. After a bit of debate, the heroes agreed to head to the Kallaeki village, stay there for the night, then make their way to the dragons’ territory the next day. Aonghus’ band seemed terrified of returning to the forest, but Etain agreed to lead them to the village in gratitude for the healing Salome had performed. Once more, Kasimir used his wand of share language to allow her to communicate.

On the two-hour walk through the forest to the village of the Kallaeki, Kasimir chattered continuously and pestered Etain with many questions. Finally they arrived at a hilltop that overlooked the place where the Kallaeki had made their village – now a scene of utter devastation, as the dragon or dragons had evidently visited destruction upon it, smashing huts like kindling twigs! Etain ran down the hill, sobbing, to try to dig through the rubble and seek signs of any survivors. The other heroes began to follow down the hill to help her. For a long while, only Estrid Freysteinn stood alone on the hilltop, struck by the similarity of the horror visited upon the Kallaeki and what had happened to her own village of Huldrufolk long ago . . . and then anxiously turning her gaze to the skies, lest the dragons should return and catch them unaware . . .

Bergsveinn Farisson used a prayer of death watch to look for signs of survivors among the rubble. Caelrath used a galdur spell of telepathic bond to link himself to Salome, Bergsveinn, and Estrid. Kasimir’s sorcery cast enlarge person on Salome to allow her to clear large timbers and rubble more easily.

Searching the ruins of the village, they found only one survivor – an elderly man, clinging to life, buried under a collapsed building. Once more, Salome used her ability to lay on hands to heal. The man regained consciousness, and Etain recognized him as Fionbharr, a revered elder of her people. Fionbharr told them of the ravenous hunger of the dragon that attacked the village – it had eaten the entire stock of food for the winter as well as the villagers! Even if more villagers were out there in the woods, survivors of the warband that attempted to bring the fight to the dragons, there would be no food for the rest of the winter! How would their tribe survive?

Discussing the strange and ravenous behavior of the dragons, Kasimir made an offhand comment about the dragons having babies. This struck Hakon Finehair the Skald as a real possibility – it had been bothering him, these tales of two dragons occupying the same territory. Dragons are normally quite territorial – they don’t coexist in peace! But if they should be a mated pair, perhaps with a clutch of eggs . . . well, now the stories might make sense . . . At this point, Estrid made clear her intention to seek out the dragons this very evening, and not wait for the morning . . . as well as her intent to kill both dragons and smash any eggs, leaving no possibility of survivors. Death to dragons!

Etain gave the heroes directions to where they believed the dragons’ lair could be found, and then announced that she would be escorting Fionbharr back to the shore, where Aonghus and the other survivors awaited them. The heroes said that by the next morning, she and her people would be avenged.

The heroes followed Etain’s directions to the territory of the dragon(s), then followed the stream towards the supposed lair of the dragon(s), getting close about half an hour before sunset . . .

XP Earned: 25,602 (4267 each)
Total XP: 215,307 each
XP to level 12: 220,000


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