Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 60 - The Silver City (Act 4 - Villa Tzimiskes, Part 3)

HM10 The Silver City

5/17/14 – 60th Session – Module HM10 – The Silver City (Act 4 – Villa Tzimiskes, part 3)
Game Dates: 12/26/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Basileus Arkonides (Chris) – domur: 75, hamingja: 2
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 75, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 76, hamingja: 3
Thrand Hallsteinsson (Josh) – domur: 75, hamingja: 3
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 25, hamingja: 2
Neferata (Jessie) – domur: 60, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 31, hamingja: 2
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 74
Gruull (NPC, Cohort of Basileus Arkonides) – domur: 28
Bronislava (NPC Mercenary)

Freyjudagur, the 26th of Ylir, 900 N.Y.

After the conclusion of the battle, Basileus Arkonides confronted Neferata about the fireball and the murder of the surrendering guard. Hakon Finehair the Skald went to fetch Estrid Freysteinn. Then they began to interrogate Raduslav – although Baz handed the job off to Bergsveinn Farisson. Raduslav revealed that there were still three undead creatures in the house – Yarolslav Tzimiskes, “The Bride of Yaroslav”, and “The Chef”. The heroes put Raduslav in a nearby cubiculum to “await the Emperor’s justice” . . . and then proceeded deeper into the villa.

Neferata decided to flee before the “Emperor’s justice” caught up with her, too . . . Estrid noticed that she slipped away and whispered to Raduslav, “You had better hope she doesn’t come back!”

The heroes went through the now-sunlit peristyle into the kitchen area, where a ghoulish chef was preparing kettles of blood! “Guests for dinner!”, the monster punned! Estrid Freysteinn hit the monster with a flamestrike, but the creature was only singed! Thrand Hallsteinsson took down the Chef with a volley of arrows. The heroes decided to go through all the remedies for undead they had uncovered in their lore, staking its heart, stuffing its mouth with garlic, severing its head, and anointing it with holy water.

The heroes searched more of the house, finding empty servants’ quarters and such. In one planning room they found multiple maps of the Vylgari Marches.

When the heroes finally located the master bedroom, Basileus Arkonides dramatically swept aside the curtain across the archway, revealing Yaroslav and his “Bride”. The monsters leapt up out of bed.

As the heroes rushed to attack, the hideous Yaroslav used his vampiric powers to dominate Basileus Arkonides and force him to attack Caelrath. Caelrath was able to use his powers of galdur to hold Baz in place.

Estrid Freysteinn put a wall of fire in a ring around Yaroslav, who nevertheless used his dominate power to force Thrand to attack Estrid, launching a volley of arrows at her, including one that went clean through her body. Estrid used her power to summon nature’s ally to conjure forth a fire elemental from Muspellsheimur.

Yaroslav attempted to flee from the battle by assuming the form of a swarm of bats. Caelrath was able to use his magic to hold the swarm, dropping it to the floor, where Yaroslav resumed his form. The fire elemental attacked his paralyzed form, and Estrid blasted him with a flamestrike.

With both Yaroslav and his Bride both down for the count, Caelrath detonated a selective fireball, blasting both the monsters into dust and ash.

XP Earned: 32,802 (5467 each)
Total XP: 147,725 each
XP to level 11: 155,000


Valerianus Valerianus

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