Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 51 - Down the Vylga River

HM8 Down the Vylga River

10/26/13 – 51st Session – Module HM8 – Down the Vylga River
Game Date: 10/1/900 N.Y. – 10/22/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Basileus Arkonides (Chris) – domur: 65, hamingja: 1
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 65, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 69, hamingja: 2
Thrand Hallsteinsson (Josh) – domur: 65, hamingja: 3
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – _domur: 15, hamingja: 1
Neferata (Jessie) – domur: 50, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 21, hamingja: 1
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 61
Gruull (NPC, Cohort of Basileus Arkonides) – domur: 20
Bronislava (NPC Mercenary)

Odhinsdagur, the 1st of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

The heroes continued their journey down the Vylga River. They encountered some fishermen, from whom Kasimir von Schosse bought some fish for 50 gold aurar. There was some strife between Kasimir and the rest of the party on this day.

Freyjudagur, the 3rd of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this day the heroes arrived at the city of Kazan, a city marked by a high hemispherical hill, like a huge dome arising in the center of the city. Kazan was a city of blended culture, with Ningul and Vylgar cultures well represented. Basileus Arkonides spent some time on arrival checking their ship, the Helgiask, for any needed repairs, and then hiring competent workmen to carry out the repairs.

The rest of the heroes did some shopping and then took rooms at The River Kraken Inn for 3 gold aurar each per night. The proprietor, Snorri, was glad to see “fellow Northerners” (since so much of his custom came from the barbaric folk of the region), and was able to tell the heroes much of what they would encounter further down the river.

That night, while most of the heroes were sleeping, Neferata attempted to creep stealthily into Bergsveinn Farisson’s room to try to steal the hag’s head he was keeping. Unfortunately for her, Bergsveinn woke up:
“What exactly are you doing?”
“I just wanted to see how you are doing . . .”
“What are you really doing?”
“Stealing that damned head.”
“Get out.”

Sjaundidagur, the 4th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

The next morning, there was much discussion with Snorri of what awaited further downriver . . . including the river-pirates of Samara Bend.

As the heroes emerged from The River Kraken Inn, they witnessed a public execution about to take place in a market square. The three “men” about to be executed turned out to be Svartalfar! According to the gossip at the market, the Svartalfar were captured trying to sneak past Kazan on their way to or from Inazor Obram. The King of Storms, whom the heroes have fought much in the past, plans to find a way to blot out the sun. It is well known that the Witch Queen, Queen Ekki of Inazor Obram, once devised a spell that would extinguish the sun, but she thought better of it and never used the spell. The Svartalfar tried to negotiate with her for the knowledge of the spell, but the Witch Queen refused them, saying that such a spell was far too dangerous. So the Svartalfar have been trying to steal the spell . . . and hence a number of Svartalfar have been captured recently, coming to or from Inazor Obram. After these three Svartalfar were executed, Caelrath recommended burning the bodies so that they could not return from the grave by their foul necromantic practices . . . an idea the locals carried out enthusiastically.

The heroes traveled to the other side of the city of Kazan to visit the Shrine of Haka, dedicated to Haka, the Dragon of the Underworld (a cavern under the great hill at the center of Kazan is said to be the lair of Haka). They interrogated Changol, a local incense-vendor of Ningul descent, about the legend of Haka . . . no one has seen Haka in generations, but one of its draconic children was captured years ago and is kept by a Lord Hisame who has an estate on the north end of Kazan.

The heroes decided not to try to break into the underground caverns (“Let’s not mess with their local religion!”) nor to bother Lord Hisame, but rather they headed back to The River Kraken Inn for some rest before setting forth again. Neferata decided not to make another attempt to steal the hag’s head from Bergsveinn Farisson.

Solsdagur, the 5th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

Back aboard the Helgiask, the heroes renewed their voyage south once more. By noon they were sailing past Vylgaria, the capital of the Vylgar, but they decided not to stop, but rather to sail on past . . .

Tysdagur, the 7th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this day, as the heroes were approaching Samara Bend, the heroes stopped and used magic to scout ahead. Estrid Freysteinn used her eagle eye spell to look down on the river valley from above. She saw where there was a pirate encampment on the eastern bank of the Vylga up ahead. They pulled the Helgiask up on the shore and proceeded on foot to the pirate camp. They found the place surrounded by a thick wooden palisade on the landward side, and six longships anchored in a defensive line out on the river.

The heroes decided that slaying pirates could only be a good idea, but they were hesitant to attack the camp because their might be innocent people inside (slaves or prisoners of the pirates), and because they would be badly outnumbered (there being hundreds of pirates in the camp). Caelrath decided to scout, using mage armor and invisibility and fly to check out the camp.

But Neferata became increasingly impatient waiting for Caelrath to return. She drew her flametongue sword, and paced up and down, grumbling. Finally, she shouted to Kasimir von Schosse something like, “Hey, I bet you can’t do this!”, unleashing a flaming ray from her sword at the palisade gate, igniting the dry wood. The guards of the camp raised the alarm almost instantly.

Caelrath returned to the heroes, but there was no time for discussion or recriminations, so he and Kasimir both cast shield spells on themselves. Kasimir also used enlarge person on Basileus Arkonides and his inborn ability of fleeting glance to vanish. They decided to try to cripple the ships out on the river while the pirates were too busy trying to put out the fires on their own palisade and encampment. Caelrath cast fly on Kasimir von Schosse and they took to the sky. They used fireballs to cripple the six boats on the river.

Meanwhile, Neferata ignited her sword and ran along the palisade walls, setting them alight. Kasimir dropped another fireball on a bucket brigade that was trying to put out the fires. Estrid’s burning gaze set alight another section of the walls. Caelrath then suggested that, with the pirates in disarray, they could return to their longship and sail right past the pirate camp unmolested. The other agreed to this plan, so they made their way back to the Helgiask and got back on the river in just over an hour. They sailed right past the blazing pirate camp at Samara Bend, then continued south . . .

Manadagur, the 13th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date the heroes arrived at the fishing village of Sary Su. They decided to make camp that night and make the portage to the River Dyn the next morning.

Tysmanudhur, the 14th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes bought another cart and began the postage to the Rivr Dyn.

Sjaundidagur, the 18th of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

The heroes on this day arrived at the River Dyn and prepared to head downriver to the delta on the Maeotidahaf.

Odhinsdagur, the 22nd of Haustmanudhur, 900 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes arrived at the city of Tanais, a city which long ago boasted glorious architecture, but which was sacked and ruined about 600 years before. Tanais had never recovered from that sack in ancient times, but was still a port for ships coming to and from the Dyn. Asking around, the heroes learned that the journey to Yulianopolis was about 11 days or so.

XP Earned: 12,803 (1829 each)
Total XP: 104,858 each
XP to level 10: 105,000


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