Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 4 - Sjaelland, Act 3

HM2 Sjaelland

12/10/11 – 4th Session – Module HM2 – Sjaelland (Act 3)
Game Date: 3/4/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Aelfgifu (Effie) (Danyell)
Gronk (Mike)
Athelstan (Chris)
Caelrath (Josh)

Tysdagur, the 4th of Goa, 900 N.Y. (3/4/900 N.Y.) (continued)

As night approached, the heroes prepared to do battle with the nightly incursion of svartalfar and trolls at Hjartarholl. As Athelstan had previously suggested, a long, wide trench was excavated in front of the hall and filled with whale oil. Gronk helped lift heavy beams to shore up the hall against assault, and Caelrath used magic to join the repairs together. Aelfgifu (Effie) had the blacksmiths of Hleidhra prepare caltrops to place around the hall. And Athelstan bought a large piece of white cloth and then spent the remainder of the day in prayer and meditation. When night came, Athelstan waited calmly outside the hall, standing between two bonfires. Caltrops had been spread around the hall. Aelfgifu (Effie), Caelrath, and Gronk awaited within the hall. Suddenly, the torches and bonfires dimmed. Figures came out of the darkness – eight svartalfar, along with a troll apparently in their thrall. The sound of fighting drifted up from Hleidhra, revealing that the town was under assault as ell. Athelstan waived the white cloth he had purchased on the end of a stick, signalling his desire for a parley. The dark elves spoke briefly to Athelstan, but then they shot him with their poisoned bolts. Two bolts struck him in the chest, nearly killing him outright, and the poison coursed through his veins, rendering him unconscious anyway. Gronk charged out of the doorway of Hjartarholl, smashing through the first of the svartalfar and drawing the others. Caelrath used a sleep spell on the troll, which took effect despite the creature’s obvious power (perhaps as a result of whatever drugs or enchantments the svartalfar used to keep it in thrall). The battle was furious. Some of the svartalfar, injured by Aelfgifu (Effie)’s caltops, fled immediately. Others died at the hands of Gronk. One actually made it into the hall, where he was slain by Caelrath. In due course, those svartalfar who did not flee were slain, and the troll was awakened, but since Gronk was inflicting terrible injuries upon it (that healed before his very eyes) and since the svartalfar were not there to direct him, he too fled into the night. As dawn approached, the heroes tended to Athelstan‘s wounds and heard a cheer signalling that Hleidhra had repelled its attackers as well. When everyone’s wounds had been treated, and matters had settled somewhat, the heroes attended a meeting with King Hjorvardhur in Hjartarholl. The king gave his thanks for their role in defending his hall. The king’s scouts had followed the trail of the retreating foes, and found that it ended at a haunted lake of sinister reputation to the southwest of Hleidhra. The king offered great rewards, including torcs and arm-rings of gold, to anyone who could eliminate the threat of the svartalfar and trolls at their hidden lake lair. The heroes, needless to say, volunteered to undertake this mission.

XP Earned: 770
Total XP: 2375
XP to level 3: 5000


Valerianus Valerianus

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