Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 3 - Sjaelland, Acts 2 and 3

HM2 Sjaelland

12/3/11 – 3rd Session – Module HM2 – Sjaelland (Acts 2 & 3)
Game dates 3/2/900 N.Y. – 3/4/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Aelfgifu (Effie) (Danyell)
Gronk (Mike)
Athelstan (Chris)
Caelrath (Josh)

Solsdagur, the 2nd of Goa, 900 N.Y. (3/2/900 N.Y.) (continued)

Having captured one of the svartalfar (even though one escaped), the party headed back to Rorvik, bringing their prisoner in order to interrogate him. They quickly discovered that he had a wand of animate dead, and so deduced that he was definitely responsible for the draugar they had fought earlier that day. With the intimidation of Gronk and the combined diplomacy of Aelfgifu (Effie) and Athelstan (through Aelfgifu (Effie)’s translations), the heroes learned that the name of the svartalfur was “Nithi” (“the dark one”), and that he was in service to a svartalfar king known as “Dulinn,” who styles himself the “king of storms” or “lord of storms.” Nithi revealed that it was Dulinn who had sent the storm that sank the Strandhoggur. He also revealed that Dulinn had planned a coordinated attack to “cleanse Sjaelland of humans and other lesser mortals.” However, the heroes did not learn much more than this from Nithi, who claimed that he would rather die than reveal his master’s secrets. They held him for questioning until after dawn, then turned him over to the custody of Anlaf.

Manadagur, the 3rd of Goa, 900 N.Y. (3/3/900 N.Y.)

Shortly after dawn, with the heroes still not having slept from the previous night, Ulfgar‘s relief Vidgrip arrived. He told a terrible story of being ambushed on the road to Rorvik as he and his companions made camp. Only he survived to fight his way free and carry on to Rorvik. Athelstan examined Vidgrip’s wounds and healed him. Since Vidgrip had now arrived, Ulfgar was eager to get back to Hleidhra, the town where Hjartarholl stands, and report back to the king. The heroes decided to get some sleep, then set out by noon. The journey could be expected to be about 2 days by horseback, and a villager of Rorvik named Helga contributed horses. Setting out on the road after noon, the heroes traveled swiftly. After about 15 miles they came upon the camp where Vidgrip and his companions had been ambushed by svartalfar. Athelstan gave the bodies last rights, and helped Ulfgar bury the bodies of the soldiers. The heroes decided to make camp here tonight. During the night, on Aelfgifu (Effie)’s watch, the party was attacked by 3 skeletons, but Athelstan was able to destroy them with the holy power of Baldur.

Tysdagur, the 4th of Goa, 900 N.Y. (3/4/900 N.Y.)

Late in the afternoon on this day, the heroes arrived at Hleidhra. The town had been badly damaged, and it turned out it had been attacked for the last 3 nights by svartalfar and trolls. The king’s hall at Hjartarholl had sustained the worst of the damage. While Athelstan went to the Freyjuhof (temple of Freyja) to help tend to the wounded, the other heroes accompanied Ulfgar to the hall. There they met with the king and his thanes, and managed to convince the king to let them help defend against the attack that was surely to come this night. Athelstan later came and told the king (in no uncertain terms!) that it was his duty to preserve himself for his people, and so should leave Hjartarholl for the night, and allow to heroes to defend it against the trolls and svartalfar. The king was unhappy with Athelstan’s blunt manner, but agreed that there was wisdom in his words. And so the heroes prepared for nightfall and the battle to come . . .

XP Earned: 702
Total XP: 1605
XP to level 2: 2000


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