Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 72 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 5 - To The Prytanian Channel)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

2/28/15 – 72nd Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 5 – To the Prytanian Channel)
Game Dates: 2/18/901 N.Y. – 3/3/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 38, hamingja: 2
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 89, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 89, hamingja: 1
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 44, hamingja: 1
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 39, hamingja: 1
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 87

Odhinsdagur, the 18th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

Before going to bed, Estrid Freysteinn made a heartfelt appeal to Bergsveinn Farisson to try to bring back Hakon Finehair the Skald from the land of the dead. After a good night’s sleep in the dragons’ lair, the heroes began the process of butchering the dragons’ corpses for their useful components and sorting the hoard of the dragons.

Bergsveinn prepared to try to use his power to raise dead on Hakon, when the valkyrie Hjalmthrimull appeared from nowhere, riding a magnificent steed. She informed the heroes that she had spoken to Hakon in Valholl, and that the skald was willing to come back from the realms of the dead to help his comrades – but that there was concern of robbing Valholl of an honored warrior. Salome Arkonides swore that she would take his place in Valholl if necessary.

Hjalmthrimull furthermore informed them that great powers had been set in motion, and that the King of Storms had allies previously unsuspected among the Jotnar. “There will be a great battle on ”/wikis/torgar-island" class=“wiki-page-link”>Torgar Island at Midsummer – many will be slain!" Not the most comforting of prophecies! The heroes concluded that perhaps they should begin to recruit an army, or seek alliances in unlikely places – such as seeking the aid of The One King, perhaps through his son Thorgill Haraldsson, who was known to be sailing back to the North at this time as well.

Salome Arkonides also confronted Hjalmthrimull about her identity and the gaps in her memory. “Who am I?” she asked the valkyrie. “Who do you remember being?” countered Hjalmthrimull. It was revealed that the woman the heroes know as Salome was not who they thought she was, but was in fact a woman named Theodora who had been chosen to take the place of the real Salome who was slain because Theodora had tried heroically to save her, and the valkyrie had admired her bravery and virtue. Salome will remain who she is, but she seemed to feel that she had achieved some clarity and peace by having the gaps in her memory restored somewhat.

After Hjalmthrimull departed (with some fury at Kasimir von Schosse, who had braided bright ribbons into the mane of Skullcrusher, her steed), Bergsveinn did raise Hakon from the dead, and Salome helped restore him to health by laying on hands and saying, “Welcome back!” Hakon remembered his time in Valholl as a dream, and spoke of his willingness to do anything – even come back to Midhgardhur and risk his chance of getting back to Valholl – to help those who have become his closest friends.

The heroes decided to spend the next couple of days in the lair of the dragons, making sure they didn’t miss any treasure, healing from their fight, and planning for the future (including plans for enchantments by Caelrath).

Freyjudagur, the 20th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

The heroes returned to the beach, only to find a patrol of soldiers and tax assessors from Ul-Lixbuna had been sent to harass the Kallaeki refugees. Negotiations were made with Wazir, the captain of the patrol, and the situation was resolved when the heroes decided to welcome to Kallaeki as members of their crew (with the agreement of the last elder of the Kallaeki tribe, Fionbharr). So Fionbharr, Aonghus, Aodhan, Etain, Doireann, and about 25 other Kallaeki joined the crew of the Helgiask.

Sjaundidagur, the 21st of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the Helgiask set sail once more, sailing from the coast of the lands claimed by the Caliphate of Nonorra towards the coast of Gaunorria.

Thorsdagur, the 26th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

After several days of smooth sailing, the skies again threatened snow and fouler weather, so the Helgiask made for port on the coast of Gaunorria (in what turned out to be the petty kingdom of Bretagnia. As they approached the harbor, they came in under trained bows and armed guard. The habormaster did not speak Thjodhisk, but it seemed apparent that the folk were very frightened of them, and Estrid speculated that they must suffer viking raids from the folk of the North – a Northern longship is not a welcome sight in these waters! Bergsveinn cast a spell of tongues on the harbormaster in order to communicate, which seemed to deeply frighten the man, for the Hierarchy (the local church) frowns upon witchcraft and “heathen” magics. Nevertheless, the heroes were shown to a local inn, the Auberge de L’Hermine Volant – “The Inn of the Flying Stoat”

That night, while dining at the bar in the cozy common area of the inn while the snow was falling outside, Estrid was talking to the proprietor, Henrique, and the topic arose of whence the heroes came. She mentioned that she had been born in Noregur, and the discussion turned to The One King and his son, Thorgill Haraldsson. Henrique, visibly shaken, mentioned that this town, Sant-Malou, had been raided by Thorgill Haraldsson some months earlier, and that while there had not been much damage done nor loss of life, it was still a sore spot for the people of Sant-Malou. When Estrid mentioned that she had a score to settle with Thorgill, Henrique mentioned that the prince was rumored to be wintering just up the coast, at the settlement of Cherbourg (or Kirkjuborg, as Northerners call it).

Freyjudagur, the 27th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

The snow had stopped and the skies cleared, so the heroes prepared the Helgiask to sail. Estrid Freysteinn organized the Kallaeki into 3 shifts of 10, to be instructed in the Thjodhisk language, instructed in arms by experts like Salome, and do chores associated with life aboard ship. This way, the Kallaeki would become full members of the crew.

Manadagur, the 2nd of Goa, 901 N.Y.

As the Helgiask was approaching Kirkjuborg, the ship became lost in shallows along the coast. Estrid was preparing to dive into the water and assume a wild shape to help lead the ship out of the rocks, when it was noticed that a crystalline ooze monster, a freezing flow, was lurking in the waters. Kasimir took to the air and disintegrated it, then scouted, saw another one, and disintegrated that one as well. Meanwhile, Estrid took the wild shape of a great white shark and led the ship to safety.

Once the crew of the Helgiask sighted Kirkjuborg, a Northern-controlled port of the coast that folk are beginning to call Normannia, they anchored for the night, in order to enter the city fresh in the morning.

Tysdagur, the 3rd of Goa, 901 N.Y.

As the Helgiask sailed into the harbor of Kirkjuborg, the heroes noted The Dark Serpent, the longship of Thorgill Haraldsson, anchored in the harbor, as they had hoped . . .

XP Earned: 71,694 (11,934 each)
Total XP: 237,908 each
XP to level 13: 315,000

Session 71 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 4 - An Dragain Glas - The Green Dragons)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

1/31/15 – 71st Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 4 – An Dragain Glas – The Green Dragons)
Game Dates: 2/17/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 35, hamingja: 2
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 86, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 86, hamingja: 1
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 41, hamingja: 1
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 35, hamingja: 1
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 84

Tysdagur, the 17th of Thorri, 901 N.Y. (continued)

The heroes approached the region in which the dragons were supposed to lair as the sun began to set. Suddenly, a voice rang out speaking Ormsmal (the Draconic tongue) – a lizardfolk chieftain staining on a short cliff, warning them to leave. The heroes signaled their unwillingness to turn back, and so a fight began. A lizardfolk sorcerer used dancing lights to signal the rest of his tribe and the dragons.

It was a truly epic battle, in which only the most heroic efforts served to keep all the heroes alive. Hakon Finehair the Skald fell in battle, and presumably his soul was taken to Valholl. The heroes managed to defeat the two adult green dragons, whose names were given as Dumnorix and Rhiannax (a mated pair), and likewise a lizardfolk chieftain, a lizardfolk sorcerer, and three lizardfolk berserker tribesmen.

After the battle, as night fell, the heroes celebrated their epic victory, and mourned the loss of their companion, Hakon Finehair the Skald. There was much debate about trying to restore him to life by the holy blessings of Forseti (by Bergsveinn Farisson‘s prayers to raise dead) or Freyja and Thorr (through Estrid Freysteinn’s prayer of reincarnation). The heroes also looted the corpses of the lizardfolk and began to search for the dragons’ lair . . .

XP Earned: 64,002 (10,667 each) – LEVEL UP!!!
Total XP: 225,974 each
XP to level 13: 315,000
hamingja: 1 hero point
1 Plot Twist Card each

Session 70 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 4 - An Dragain Glas - The Green Dragons)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

1/17/15 – 70th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 4 – An Dragain Glas – The Green Dragons)
Game Dates: 2/10/901 – 2/17/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 32, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 83, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 83, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 38, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 32, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 81

Tysdagur, the 10th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the heroes once again boarded the Helgiask and set forth once more on their journey north. For the next few days, the weather was rather cold (as is typical for the month of Thorri in the North), but clear, and good sailing as they made their way toward the Prytanian Channel.

Manadagur, the 16th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day a terrible storm was seen on the horizon to the south, and the heroes had to decide whether to risk sailing on and being caught at sea when the storm caught up with them, or whether to make landfall and ride out the storm on land. After much deliberation, they decided to go ashore and wait out the foul weather.

They pulled the Helgiask ashore on the forested northern coast of the Caliphate of Nonorra, in what they had heard was the land of the Kallaeki. They made sure that the Helgiask was securely ashore, then Kasimir von Schosse used his tiny hut spells to provide shelter for the heroes, their crew, and the Helgiask.

Tysdagur, the 17th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

The next morning, the storm had temporarily abated, but the skies remained threatening, and the heroes believed that more bad weather was on the way. They decided to stay ashore until the situation improves.

In the mid-morning, they were surprised by the arrival of four armed figures from the woods. These proved to be humans, pale of skin and fair of hair, yet their common tongue was not comprehensible to anyone in the party, save Caelrath (who could puzzle out some words as related to Prytani, a language he did speak), and Salome Arkonides, who was wearing a helm of comprehend languages. Caelrath used mage armor upon himself as soon as they appeared.

With some difficulty, they managed to convince the apparent leader of these tribesmen to accept a “blessing” from Kasimir’s wand of share language, thus granting him the ability to speak Thjodisk for the next 24 hours. Once able to communicate freely, the leader introduced himself as Aonghus and his comrades as Aodhan, Doireann, and Etain (who seemed badly injured). Salome healed Etain by her ability to lay on hands. They had been in a battle with green dragons! They explained that their village was not far from the territory of a green dragon, but until recently they had co-existed in relative peace. But recently the dragon made more attacks on the Kallaeki villagers, so they had made a large warband and ventured into the so-called Forbidden Forest, the territory of the green dragon. But as they approached the place where they supposed the dragon made its lair, they were set upon by not one, but two dragons! The dragons easily scattered the warband and smashed their forces, sending them fleeing in all directions. Aonghus’ band survived to make it to the shore. They did not know what had befallen the rest of their village . . .

Kasimir von Schosse, immediately volunteered the party to go fight the two green dragons. Not everybody appreciated being “volunteered” for this task, but Salome Arkonides also immediately agreed to take up this challenge. After a bit of debate, the heroes agreed to head to the Kallaeki village, stay there for the night, then make their way to the dragons’ territory the next day. Aonghus’ band seemed terrified of returning to the forest, but Etain agreed to lead them to the village in gratitude for the healing Salome had performed. Once more, Kasimir used his wand of share language to allow her to communicate.

On the two-hour walk through the forest to the village of the Kallaeki, Kasimir chattered continuously and pestered Etain with many questions. Finally they arrived at a hilltop that overlooked the place where the Kallaeki had made their village – now a scene of utter devastation, as the dragon or dragons had evidently visited destruction upon it, smashing huts like kindling twigs! Etain ran down the hill, sobbing, to try to dig through the rubble and seek signs of any survivors. The other heroes began to follow down the hill to help her. For a long while, only Estrid Freysteinn stood alone on the hilltop, struck by the similarity of the horror visited upon the Kallaeki and what had happened to her own village of Huldrufolk long ago . . . and then anxiously turning her gaze to the skies, lest the dragons should return and catch them unaware . . .

Bergsveinn Farisson used a prayer of death watch to look for signs of survivors among the rubble. Caelrath used a galdur spell of telepathic bond to link himself to Salome, Bergsveinn, and Estrid. Kasimir’s sorcery cast enlarge person on Salome to allow her to clear large timbers and rubble more easily.

Searching the ruins of the village, they found only one survivor – an elderly man, clinging to life, buried under a collapsed building. Once more, Salome used her ability to lay on hands to heal. The man regained consciousness, and Etain recognized him as Fionbharr, a revered elder of her people. Fionbharr told them of the ravenous hunger of the dragon that attacked the village – it had eaten the entire stock of food for the winter as well as the villagers! Even if more villagers were out there in the woods, survivors of the warband that attempted to bring the fight to the dragons, there would be no food for the rest of the winter! How would their tribe survive?

Discussing the strange and ravenous behavior of the dragons, Kasimir made an offhand comment about the dragons having babies. This struck Hakon Finehair the Skald as a real possibility – it had been bothering him, these tales of two dragons occupying the same territory. Dragons are normally quite territorial – they don’t coexist in peace! But if they should be a mated pair, perhaps with a clutch of eggs . . . well, now the stories might make sense . . . At this point, Estrid made clear her intention to seek out the dragons this very evening, and not wait for the morning . . . as well as her intent to kill both dragons and smash any eggs, leaving no possibility of survivors. Death to dragons!

Etain gave the heroes directions to where they believed the dragons’ lair could be found, and then announced that she would be escorting Fionbharr back to the shore, where Aonghus and the other survivors awaited them. The heroes said that by the next morning, she and her people would be avenged.

The heroes followed Etain’s directions to the territory of the dragon(s), then followed the stream towards the supposed lair of the dragon(s), getting close about half an hour before sunset . . .

XP Earned: 25,602 (4267 each)
Total XP: 215,307 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 69 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 3 - To Ul-Lixbuna)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

11/1/14 – 69th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 3 – To Ul-Lixbuna)
Game Dates: 2/7/901 – 2/10/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 32, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 83, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 83, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 38, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 32, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 81

Sjaundidagur, the 7th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, as the heroes approached the port of Ul-Lixbuna, the Helgiask was attacked by a terrible undead creature of the sea (known as a seabonze, an amalgam of the souls of people lost at sea and drowned). The terrible beast arose from the sea, its featureless, rubbery black skin streaming ocean water, as it attempted to capsize the Helgiask . . .

Despite the horrific dooming gaze of the monster, most of the heroes were able to overcome the paralyzing fear and fight it. It seemed immune, or at least resistant, to most of the magical attacks of Caelrath and Kasimir von Schosse, so it fell to Salome Arkonides to do most of the fighting, and at last she slew the beast, and it dissolved back down into the waters of the Promethean Ocean.

Upon their arrival in Ul-Lixbuna, the heroes were greeted as champions for slaying the undead menace that had haunted their harbor for decades. There was a reward of 9000 gold dinars for delivering the city from the undead menace.

Kasimir von Schosse decided to put his money into real estate (again), and purchased a modest house in Ul-Lixbuna. He also built a large bird perch for “Heinrich” the skergipur.

Having heard about potential troubles with the Kallaeki tribes, the heroes then went to see the qadi of the the city, Qadi Aisha bint Umar amat Manaf, a cleric of the goddess Manaf (patroness of women). She told them that some of her citizens had yet to learn to live in peace with each other, and that she had no desire to stir up trouble with the Kallaeki tribes. She gave them her blessing, as the heroes who had defeated the seabonze, to stay in her city and safe passage through her territories.

Bergsveinn Farisson bought nautical charts for Estrid Freysteinn, who plotted a course to take them to the edge of the Prytanian Channel. The trip was estimated to take about 10 days. The heroes decided to spend the next 3 days in Ul-Lixbuna to do shopping and stocking up on basic supplies, and to allow the sailors of the Helgiask to have some shore leave. Bergsveinn oversaw the medical needs of those going ashore for leave . . .

Solsdagur, the 8th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, Bergsveinn Farisson negotiated the purchase of a mace of disruption, paying both gold and his healing services (via prayers of cure disease).

Tysdagur, the 10th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the heroes once again boarded the Helgiask and set forth once more on their journey north . . .

XP Earned: 98,604 (16,434 each)
Total XP: 211,040 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 68 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 3 - To Ul-Lixbuna)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

10/18/14 – 68th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 3 – To Ul-Lixbuna)
Game Dates: 2/1/901 – 2/6/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 29, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 80, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 80, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 35, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 28, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 78

Solsdagur, the 1st of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

The heroes were met at the gates of Yazirat by the town guards, who announced that there had been “strange omens and prodigies” since their party had gone into the mountains. They were escorted to the palace of the Qadi of Yazirat, Qadi Jaffar ibn Hakim ul-Ziyad, a portly man with a strange, high-pitched voice who told them of the strange “omens,” including the end of the magical storm over the straits, and the hatching of a giant bird on their ship in the harbor (yes, the skergipur egg – or rukh, as it is known locally – had finally hatched, much to the delight of Kasimir von Schosse, of course!)

Since the heroes took credit for ending the unnatural storm, the Qadi invited them to a feast in their honor. He wanted to negotiate for the angry sparrow in the possession of Estrid Freysteinn (the one who was actually a cyclopean giant under a spell of baleful polymorph). The Qadi wanted it for his collection – his menagerie of unique creatures (many of which were also transformed in some way). She agreed to trade it to him for a magical, 5′×5′ flying carpet.

Meanwhile, Kasimir von Schosse went down to the harbor to “meet” his new skergipur, followed by Salome Arkonides. He named the skergipur “Heinrich” (after his father). The heroes returned to the palace to await the feast, although Bergsveinn Farisson went out to wander the streets of Yazirat, looking for a hireling.

That night, the heroes (except for Bergsveinn ) were dressed in fine silk courtiers’ outfits and attended the feast in their honor. There was much music and entertainment and feasting. The exchange was made, with Estrid trading the enchanted sparrow for the Qadi’s flying carpet. The heroes discussed their travels, some of which were recounted in dramatic fashion by Hakon Finehair the Skald. Kas kept stealing food from the feast and hiding in his clothes to feed to “Heinrich” later. During the desert (chilled monkey brains!), the heroes discussed their future plans to head back to the North, and were warned of the ill-defined “terrors of the ocean” beyond the Pillars of Melkartes.

Bergsveinn Farisson spent the evening at the top of a nearby tower, on the lookout for trouble of any kind. When the feast was over, he retired to The Oasis Inn for the night.

Manadagur, the 2nd of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

The next morning, while the heroes were preparing to set sail again, the Qadi came down to the harbor to see “Heinrich” the rukh. “Heinrich” was wild and fierce and not inclined to behave, but Estrid used her innate ability to speak with animals to calm the beast and convince it to remain with the party, at least for now. The Qadi offered Kas a great amount of gold in return for the rukh for his menagerie. Bergsveinn granted Kas owl’s wisdom to make the decision. In the end, Kas decided to decline the offer . . . but gave the Qadi the eggshell from “Heinrich’s” hatching, as well as a ribbon (of course).

Little do our heroes know it, but the Qadi later had the eggshell reassembled with gold and jewels, and it became one of the great treasures of Yazirat in future years.

Estrid went to the market and bought a navigation map of the local waters around the coasts of the Caliphate of Nonorra. She planned the navigation to the city of Ul-Lixbuna on the coast of the Promethean Ocean. She had calculated it for a journey of about nine days.

Before leaving port, Bergsveinn Farisson finally found a hireling – Yusef – whom he employed at the rate of one silver coin per day. Yusef was definitely eager for the opportunity to travel and adventure while acquiring some treasure of his own.

Once the ship got underway, Estrid suggested to Kas that he should make a set of “court clothes” (described as motley – for “Kas the Fool”).

Tysdagur, the 3rd of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day there was strong wind and rain, and the heroes noticed the massive fin of a dire shark following the ship at a distance . . .

Odhinsdagur, the 4th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, there was light snow, and the sailing was very difficult. The dire shark was still trailing the ship.

Thorsdagur, the 5th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the snow turned to rain, and the ship was much tossed at sea by strong winds. They lost sight of the coast, and Estrid realized that they were lost at sea . . .

Freyjudagur, the 6th of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

On this morning, the rain became lighter without actually ceasing. Estrid regained her bearings, and determined that they were much closer to Ul-Lixbuna than she had expected.

Later in the day, the ship was swarmed by four gargoyle-like Jotunbrood (sometimes known as kapoacinths). The heroes fought a fierce, brief battle, dispatching all four in short order – Caelrath disintegrated one, Salomes smote one, Kas destroyed one with phantasmal killer, and Caelrath finished off the last one with his sword.

The heroes expect to arrive at Ul-Lixbuna the next day.

XP Earned: 19,650 (3108 each)
Total XP: 194,606 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 67 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 - At the Pillars of Melkartes)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

10/4/14 – 67th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 – At the Pillars of Melkartes)
Game Dates: 1/25/901 -2/1/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 29, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 80, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 80, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 35, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 28, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 78

Solsdagur, the 25th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y., continued

After the battle with the cyclopean giants and the svartalfur, the stormy skies above opened up with a clap of thunder, and from the sky slowly descended a statuesque woman in armor, with golden blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. Lightning played about her armored form as it descended to land standing over the body of Karlsefni Thorsgodhi. Salome Arkonides recognized this woman as the Angel from her visions, and fell to her knees before the strange being. Estrid Freysteinn greeted the apparent valkyrja.

The divine valkyrja addressed the heroes, telling them that her name was Hjalmthrimull, and that they do the work of the gods. She also said that their enemy, the self-styled “King of Storms,” had allied himself with the Jotnar, the enemies of the gods. She told them that Karlsefni Thorsgodhi had earned his place in Valholl , and commanded them to give him proper funeral rites. She spoke to Salome, telling her that she is on her rightful path. She also accepted a ribbon from Kasimir von Schosse.

Hjalmthrimull touched the body of Karlsefni Thorsgodhi with her spear, and a blue light emerged from the body and joined with the spear. She then ascended back into the sky, and after she had vanished through the hole in the clouds, it closed behind her with another clap of thunder. The heroes were stunned by what they had witnessed.

At that moment, their svartalfur prisoner snarled out, “That bitch cannot help you! No one can help you! My master cannot be defeated by the likes of you!” Salome Arkonides attempted to interrogate the svartalfur, and failing that, she slit his throat in a coup de grace.

Bergsveinn Farisson attended to building a pyre for the body of Karlsefni Thorsgodhi (as a devotee of the Aesir god Thorr, the proper funeral rites for him involved cremation, not burial). The other heroes attended the rites respectfully.

After the funeral, there was much debate about whether or not to rest for the night. The fact that an eerie glow was coming from the post-and-lintel archway of the temple decided the matter. They decided to investigate. Estrid searched for traps around the entryway to the temple, but found nothing. So the heroes entered.

Within the temple, the heroes found heaps of treasure piled about – it seemed that the cyclopean giants had been using the temple as a place to store their tribe’s treasury. There were also a couple of shroud-wrapped giant bodies, one of which looked like it had been enshrined in the temple some time ago, and the other looked like it was still in the process of being mummified. But the main feature of the large central chamber was the large stone pillar, roughly hewn, about 20 feet in diameter, covered with softly glowing runes.

The heroes decided to drag the giant bodies out of the temple and burn them before doing anything else. They dragged the newer-looking one out, and Estrid set it aflame with a flamestrike. She stayed to watch it burn and make sure that it did not come to life, while the others went back into the temple to get the other body.

As they were dragging the second body out of the temple, it suddenly animated, ripping through its shrouds and attacking Caelrath, afflicting him with Nonorran Rot. Kasimir turned invisible again and hurled magic missiles at the undead giant. Caelrath struck at it with a scorching ray. But then the cyclopean monster exhaled a terrible cloud of foulness, which enveloped Bergsveinn and Hakon, and struck Hakon blind. But then Salome struck at the beast with Logsvar, cutting off its left claw with one swing of her sword, missing on the back swing, but then cleaving it in twain with a third mighty attack, causing it to collapse in a pile of dust and leathery remains.

As the fight was ending, however, Caelrath began to suffer the debilitating effects of Nonorran Rot. Salome was able to cure the disease by laying on hands, but she was unable to restore his strength, nor to cure the blindness of Hakon. Bergsveinn said that his prayers could cure these afflictions, but that he would be unable to do so until after he had rested. So Kas summoned a tiny hut in which the heroes could take shelter for the night.

Manadagur, the 26th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

First thing in the morning, Bergsveinn called upon Forseti to cure Hakon’s blindness and Caelrath’s crippling debilitation from disease. Once this was done, the heroes studied the Pillar – what the locals called a “Pillar of Melkartes,” but which they were almost certain was actually a Pillar of Thorr – a Thorsstong. None of them had sufficient divine knowledge to interpret the pillar, and it appeared that arcane knowledge alone was insufficient. And so the heroes formulated a plan . . .

First, Estrid found a pool of water to scry, searching for . . . their former companion Athelstan! She found him on a small island off the coast of the Denalagu. Next, Caelrath used a galdur chant to forge a telepathic bond between himself, Estrid Freysteinn, Bergsveinn Farisson, and Kasimir von Schosse. Using the telepathic bond to aim his teleport, he transported himself and Hakon Finehair the Skald to the monastery where Athelstan was working. The cleric of Baldur got permission from his abbot to travel with his former companions, on the understanding that he be returned to his abbey within the next few days.

Next, Caelrath transported them to a clerical library in the city of Jorvik, jewel of the Denalagu. There, Athelstan quickly located and appropriated a copy of a book about “Ancient Relics of the Gods.” Then, Caelrath used his ring to recall one more teleport spell and bring them back to the Pillars of Melkartes . . . but there was a mishap with the spell, and they arrived drained and aching. There was an emotional reunion between the cleric and his former comrades. Then the work of deciphering the pillar began. It proved much more difficult than originally expected, and so they studied and worked through the night . . .

Tysdagur, the 27th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this morning, it was determined that in order to access the power of the Thorsstong, someone with great knowledge of religion would have to place his hands upon the pillar and mentally commune with the powers to which it was attuned. This could be extraordinarily dangerous for the person making contact with the pillar. Caelrath used a spell of protection from evil on Athelstan, and Salome supplemented this with a prayer of protection from chaos. Bergsveinn attempted an augury, but obtained mixed results. Kas even tried “ribbonmancy” to determine what should be done. But in the end, it was up to Athelstan to place his hands upon the pillar and attempt to wrest it to his will.

As Athelstan placed his hands upon the pillar, his mind was overwhelmed by contact with something horribly Other, something primal and elemental. His mind and soul filled with hatred and rage and horror, freezing like boulders under a thick blanket of ice and snow, burning like a desert brush fire . . . and then a VOICE spoke in his mind, roaring “WHY HAVE YOU CONTACTED ME AGAIN?” But just as he felt like his mind was about to be snuffed out like a candle, he broke through something, and wrested control of the pillar’s magic to himself. Suddenly, in a flash of insight, Athelstan could see how it was supposed to work, and how to command its powers with his very soul. He found his mind reaching out to Asgardhur, home of the god Thorr, master of the Thorsstong. He was able to communicate briefly with Thorr, and was told that the heroes need to make their way to Torgar Island, where the Storm King awaits them . . .

Athelstan felt his mind and soul, his very personality, being overwhelmed by the power of the Thorsstong. His will and soul burned out of him, leaving his mind weak, but he gained control. He realized that this holy pillar had the power to control weather on a global scale, and could see that the minions of the Storm King had been trying to blanket the whole world in storms, blotting out the sun. Using the last of his mental and spiritual reserves, Athelstan was able to undo the magic holding the storm in place over the Pillars of Melkartes (but not before tweaking its power to make a small cloud rain over his abbot’s head, and a tiny bolt of lightning zap his abbot’s nose!), and then shut down the magic somewhat permanently. The only way to reactivate the power of the pillar would be to risk mind and soul as he had . . .

Athelstan fell back from the pillar, limp and dazed, his mind shattered by the experience. Just like that, the storms ended. The skies cleared, and no more thunder was heard outside the temple. But no prayer of Bergsveinn nor Salome was able to restore him; only time could do that now, and it would take up to five weeks for him to make a full recovery.

Later that day, Caelrath transported the dazed Athelstan back to his monastery and then returned to his companions. They gathered up the treasury of the giants they had defeated, then they began the long trek back to Yazirat . . .

Solsdagur, the 1st of Thorri, 901 N.Y.

After a relatively uneventful trip, the heroes arrived back at the town of Yazirat on this day . . .

XP Earned: 72,002 (10, 286 each)
Total XP: 191,598 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 66 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 - At the Pillars of Melkartes)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

8/23/14 – 66th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 – At the Pillars of Melkartes)
Game Dates: 1/25/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 26, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 76, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 77, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 32, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 25, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 75

Solsdagur, the 25th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

Early in the day the heroes approached the peak of the mountain they had been climbing, following the rough trail. As they approached the peak, they could see an ancient marble temple, cracked and ruined with age, and from the temple pulses of energy flaring up into the tempestuous sky, apparently churning and driving the storms above. Caelrath said that he could not identify the type of magic represented by these strange pulses, but he thought that it was some form of divine power, not arcane magic.

Approaching closer, Estrid Freysteinn decided to use a druidic prayer of eagle eye to see what the area looked like from above. This actually revealed the fact that they were being stalked by cyclopean giants, smaller than the one they had encountered previously, but still deadly-looking. There were more cyclopean giants up ahead, including some of the huge ones of the sort they had encountered.

Coming closer, more cyclopean giants emerged from the temple and arrayed themselves in front of it. The party of heroes decided to talk to them first. Salome Arkonides decided to speak for the party, with Caelrath willing to translate her speech into Jotnamal. So they addressed the giants, who responded suspiciously, at first. But then the heroes took a gamble – when the giants asked who sent them, Caelrath said, “We are here for the Storm King!” (he was, of course, equivocating a bit . . . he meant that they would be here to kill the Storm King if he were present, but knew they would interpret his words to mean that they were here to see or serve him). Once the heroes said that they were “here for the Storm King,” the giants relaxed and allowed the heroes to approach.

But as they got closer, one of the giants called into the temple, informing whoever was within that the approaching heroes were servants of the Storm King. From the temple then emerged a svartalfur, heavily robed and hooded against the sunlight, who declared that this was not possible, for the Storm King would never choose the likes of the heroes for his minions . . .

While some of the heroes seemed to think that the situation could be salvaged, and began trying to convince this strange svartalfur that they were indeed envoys of his master, meanwhile Estrid Freysteinn decided that the game was up, and cast a flame strike at the svartalfur . . . but it dissipated as it struck at the dark elf. And so combat was joined! Salome Arkonides used her aura of justice to give all of her companions the ability to smite evil. Caelrath used a galdur spell to veil the heroes in illusions that they were small insects, like gnats, thus making them nearly invisible. The battle was furious, lasting barely a full minute, during which Karlsefni Thorsgodhi was killed, but so were all of the cyclopean giants except one (who was blinded by a spell and fled the battle), and the svartalfur was taken prisoner.

After the battle, having taken the svartalfur prisoner, the heroes began to tend to the wounded and the fallen Karlsefni Thorsgodhi.

XP Earned: 54,402 (9067 each)
Total XP: 181,312 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 65 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 - At the Pillars of Melkartes)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

8/9/14 – 65th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 – At the Pillars of Melkartes)
Game Dates: 1/21/901 – 1/25/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 26, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 76, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 77, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 32, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 25, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 75

Odhinsdagur, the 21st of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this morning, Estrid Freysteinn decided to have Kasimir von Schosse make a pair of red pants for her, so that, if the occasion arose, she might impersonate the Iratxoak of which she had heard such strange rumors, since the local Urrabites seem to have such fear of them. Kas was all too happy to make her some red pants . . . he himself was quite busy studying the Kitab Ul-Qisam, being fascinated with the Urrabites and their religion.

That morning, they came down for breakfast and found the inn full of sea captains who were stuck in Yazirat due to the terrible storm raging out over the straits. They did obtain directions to the local Qadi’s palace, but eventually decided not to go there, since they were not sure that they wouldn’t be mistreated as foreigners. They decided to follow the trail straight into the mountains and hunt the source of the storms on their own. Before leaving, they decided to outfit Karlsefni Thorsgodhi with some gear – they got him a horse, and outfitted him with some magical chainmail, a magical shield, and a magical warhammer.

The heroes set off into the wilderness and followed the rough trail across the farmlands and orchards of Yazirat, though the badlands in the foothills, and into the mountains. That night they established their new standard watch rotation:

That night and the next day passed without incident . . .

Freyjudagur, the 23rd of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the terrain started getting so rough that the heroes decided to tether their mounts and leave them behind, leaving Vaengur to watch over them.

They saw the first sign of life in several days – eagles circling high overhead. Later that day, they ran across a rough, weathered stone pillar carved with strange runes and the eye-like totem of the Ayn Hasud tribe. The area gave everyone a very uneasy feeling. Estrid used a prayer to give herself the power to see with an eagle eye, looking down from high above. She could see many of these pillars in the region. Bergsveinn Farisson determined that there was the residue of necromantic magic on these pillars, and Caelrath suspected they were some sort of evil effigies, powered by blood sacrifices.

Warily, the heroes continued their trek into the mountains . . .

Late that night, on the second watch, the heroes heard loud noises in the dark of night, and suspecting it was an approaching giant cyclops, woke up their companions. Finding themselves threatened by a great cyclops, Caelrath used a galdur spell to charm monster. He learned that its name was Luddur. However, Estrid Freysteinn apparently decided that charming the monster was insufficient, that the monster might shake loose from the spell over its mind, and so she used a druidic prayer of baleful polymorph to permanently transform the great cyclops into a sparrow . . . a very angry, evil sparrow. She is trying to convince it to help the heroes . . .

XP Earned: 38,400 (6400 each)
Total XP: 172,245 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 64 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 - At the Pillars of Melkartes)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

7/27/14 – 64th Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 2 – At the Pillars of Melkartes)
Game Dates: 1/20/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 26, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 76, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 77, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 32, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 25, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 75

Tysdagur, the 20th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this day, as the heroes approached the straits known as the Pillars of Melkartes, they first noticed a terrible storm raging over the ocean beyond the straits – Bergsveinn Farisson and Estrid Freysteinn could see strange lights from atop the mountains that seemed to be flashing up into the sky, stirring the storm clouds above and the maelstrom below. The heroes feared that they would have to take shelter on land and wait out this seemingly unnatural storm. But it was almost at the same time that all the heroes (except Salome Arkonides ) spotted the Urrabite pirate ship bearing down upon them.

The heroes decided not to wait until the pirates were close enough to engage them in a fair fight. As the pirates drew close, they pummeled the ship with blasting spells – Kasimir von Schosse flung fireballs and Estrid Freysteinn rained down volcanic storms upon them. For the terror that Estrid can rain down upon her enemies, with volcanic fury or lightning, Hakon Finehair the Skald named her Hridhbani – “Stormkiller”.

By the time the pirates got close enough for boarding action, it was a burned-out hulk and most of the deck crew had been turned to ash. It was then a fairly simple matter to take the ship and all its plunder, and free the one captive they had aboard – Karlsefni Thorsgodhi, who explained that he had been sailing back to Uppsalir when he was captured by means of foul sorcery.

The heroes also took on a couple of Urrabites who could be useful guides and translators – Khalid who spoke some Palnorran, and Hasan who spoke some Norrani. They asked about a nearby port to take shelter from the storm, and learned that they might be safe at the nearby walled port town of Yazirat. And so they sailed towards that port . . .

Arriving at the port of Yazirat, the heroes were interrogated by a guardsman named Jaffar. He was friendly and helpful, and informed the heroes that the people of Yazirat do not condone piracy. He seemed quite surprised at the appearance of Estrid, and wanted to know if she wore red pants – it was not until later that she learned of the stories of the Iratxoak. To Kas, who was inquiring about the religion of the Urrabites, Jaffar said that he should read the Kitab Ul-Qisam (Book of Fates). When asked where they might find lodgings, he told them to avoid The Hospice of Faruq, for he is a “cheat and a liar”, but rather seek The Oasis Inn in the northern district. Jaffar also informed them that the storm had been raging over the straits for weeks, and that when an expedition had been sent into the mountains to seek the cause, they had been driven back by vicious one-eyed giants of the Ayn Hasud – “The Evil Eye Tribe”.

The heroes did indeed seek lodging at The Oasis Inn, where the proprietor, Nadya, gave them a large suite of rooms for 16 gold coins, and for 25 additional gold coins agreed to get a copy of Kitab Ul-Qisam for Kas. While the other heroes were settling in and making plans, Bergsveinn Farisson set off in search of a library. Having asked Jaffar, he was directed to the Bayt Ul-Hikma Ul-Yazirat – “The Yazirat House of Wisdom”.

At the “House of Wisdom”, Bergsveinn’s research into the phenomenon of the storm over the straits revealed tales of an ancient storm god’s conflict with giants in those mountains. A thunder-god, with a club or hammer, who fights giants . . . it seemed that this could be a reference to Thorr!

Reconvening at The Oasis Inn, the heroes compared notes and decided that they should seek authorization from the local authorities before going into the mountains to seek the source of these unholy storms. They also decided to get Karlsefni Thorsgodhi to accompany them – they invited him to stay at their suite at The Oasis Inn. Tomorrow they would go to see the local lord, and then head to the mountains . . .

XP Earned: 32,004 (5334 each)
Total XP: 165,845 each
XP to level 12: 220,000

Session 63 - Voyage to Torgar (Act 1 - To the Pillars of Melkartes)
HM11 Voyage to Torgar

7/12/14 – 63rd Session – Module HM11 – Voyage to Torgar (Act 1 – To the Pillars of Melkartes)
Game Dates: 1/3/901 N.Y. – 1/19/901 N.Y.

The Party:
Bergsveinn Farisson (Metellus) – domur: 25, hamingja: 3
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 75, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 76, hamingja: 3
Kasimir (Chris) – domur: 31, hamingja: 3
Salome Arkonides (Jessie) – domur: 20, hamingja: 0
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 74

Sjaundidagur, the 3rd of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

By this date the heroes were ready to embark upon their journey to Torgar Island. They hired a crew of 40 sailors to man the Helgiask – a mix of local Palnorran sailors who know the waters of the Midhjardharhaf and Northerners who had come to Mikligardhur and now wished to return home to the north. Estrid Freysteinn was appointed captain of the Helgiask for the voyage, and she oversaw the stocking of the ship, and purchased a map of the Midhjardharhaf in the Grand Marketplace. Kasimir von Schosse oversaw the protection of his house with ribbons and by planting trees. He also paid the staff of his house for a year in advance, being unsure when he could return to Yulianopolis. The day they set forth, it was quite cold, there being a light snow falling, and a strong wind. For the first several days, Kas was also seasick.

Tysdagur, the 5th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

Following the course westward set by Estrid, the Helgiask was using the strong winds blowing from the south to make swift progress. On this day they passed a couple of merchant ships escorted by a war galley, which moved menacingly between the Helgiask and the merchants. Hakon Finehair the Skald observed that Northern raiders has been reaching these waters for nearly a hundred years now, so it was no wonder that local ships eyed a Northern longship so warily.

Odhinsdagur, the 7th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the southerly wind ceased to blow so strongly, and the winter air grew cooler, as they carried on towards the island of Trinacria, where they hoped to make port and refresh their supplies.

Solsdagur, the 11th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this day, the Helgiask approached the island of Trinacria. Despite a patrol by a menacing warship, they made port at the city of Sarausa, a city under the dominion of the Hierarch States. Caelrath spoke a dialect of the local language, and Kas was able to use his wand of share language to make certain the heroes could communicate with the locals. Estrid oversaw the restocking of the ship with fresh produce, while Hakon and Salome went to a tavern to gather information. It was made clear that those whom the Hierarchy labels infidels are not welcome in this land. The heroes were quite happy to leave Sarausa.

Over the next few days, the weather was cold and clear, with strong wind again from the south that could help them speeding westward . . .

Thorsdagur, the 15th of Morsugur, 901 N.Y.

On this date, the heroes saw a small island off the coast of Omuria. Estrid decided to sail the Helgiask between the island and the coast. As they approached the island, however, a hot boulder flew into the water near the ship, hissing with steam. Looking to the island, the heroes saw a volcano, but the rock had not been launched into the air randomly by volcanic action. Rather, they saw a fire giant standing on the shore of the island, preparing to hurl another hot rock at them.

Estrid gave the order to land and attack the giant. As they hit the beach, Salome charged at the giant. Kas became invisible and began to fly. Estrid called down a flame strike upon the giant, which while it was unharmed by the fire, was burned by the holy power of the energy. The giant landed three massive blows on Salome, nearly killing her outright, while Caelrath tried in vain to use magic to hold the giant. Hakon approached the giant and began chanting a dirge of doom, which seemed to leave the giant shaken.

Salome healed herself with her holy ability to lay on hands, then used her power to smite evil on the giant. Kas tried repeatedly to use phantasmal killer to slay the giant, but in vain. Estrid began a lightning storm. Caelrath quickly converted his scorching ray galdur to an acidic ray galdur. Bergsveinn Farisson maneuvered to attack the giant from behind.

Salome attacked the giant with her sword and Estrid with her lightning. The giant responded by striking down Salome, roaring, “I shall send you all to that ”/wikis/valholl-0" class=“wiki-page-link”>Valholl you love so much!" None knew that the Nornir had decreed that it was not yet Salome’s time to die – her hamingja allowed her to miraculously survive! Caelrath used a spell to slow the giant, and Bergsveinn used his prayers of death watch to monitor how close to death the giant was . . . and discovered that Salome was alive.

Kas blasted the fire giant with magic missiles, and Estrid struck him with lightning. The giant attempted to flee towards the volcano, calling out, “Brothers! Aid me!” But his attempt to flee allowed Bergsveinn to land a wicked blow with his axe, and Caelrath used another acidic ray to put a hole through the giant’s head, slaying him. For this deed, Hakon Finehair the Skald named Caelrath “Jotunsbani”, or “Giant’s Bane”.

Bergsveinn Farisson healed Salome Arkonides with his prayers, and the heroes took the giant’s greatsword and his pouch (which held 5456 gold coins of local mint), but they quickly headed back to their ship, not wishing to quarrel with the fire giant’s brothers.

The heroes set sail for the Pillars of Melkartes once more . . .

Manadagur, the 19th of Morsurgur, 901 N.Y.

By the evening of the 19th, the Pillars of Melkartes could be seen in the distance . . .

XP Earned: 22,400 (4480 each)
Total XP: 160,511 each
XP to level 12: 220,000


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