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The fates I fathom, yet farther I see:
of the mighty gods the engulfing doom.
Brothers will battle to bloody end,
and sister’s sons their sib betray;
woe’s in the world, much wantonness;
axe-age, sword-age – sundered are shields -
wind-age, wolf-age, ere the world crumbles
will the spear of no man spare the other.
~ From the Voluspa, The Prophecy of Ragnarok (Lee M. Hollander translation)

High adventure awaits you in a dark age of fantasy! Welcome to the world that the people of the North call Midhgardhur! This campaign uses the Pathfinder rules and has a dark fantasy flavor that mixes Norse mythology and sagas with the sensibilities of “Appendix N” fantasy literature. And yes, while much of the inspiration for the world of Midhgardhur has been taken from “real-world” Europe of the Dark Ages, this is most definitely not our world, and should not be taken as a commentary on the real history of Northern Europe at that time. It’s fantasy, people!

If you are a player in Midhgardhur, this wiki has all the information about the campaign you could possibly need . . . except maybe some details you’ll have to ask the GM . . ..

Heroes of Midhgardhur

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