Vyborg is a fortress-city of the Rys, part of Gadhariki in the Rys Khanate (technically at the southern end of Karelia). King Bautur (whose family came from Smaland in Gautland long ago, owes fealty to Oleg Khan, but operates independently for the most part.

Vyborg is a port city, but most of its fleet survives by raiding along the coast of Gaunorria as well as trading missions farther afield. King Bautur does little to discourage this.

N Large City
Corruption: +4, Crime: +1, Economy: +5, Law: +3, Lore: +4, Society: +2
Qualities: Notorious (for piracy), Prosperous, Strategic Location, Magically Attuned (Karelian sorcery), Tourist Attraction (Giant Stones)
Danger: +20
Government: Overlord (King Bautur)
Population: ca. 20,000 at any given time (extremely mixed – Sviar, Gautar, Kvenir, Rys, Vendar, and various vaettir)
Notable NPCs:

  • King Bautur (N Ari 16)

Base Value: 16,800 gp., Purchase Limit: 110,000 gp., Spellcasting: 9th
Minor Items: 4d4, Medium Items: 3d4, Major Items: 2d4
Significant Locations:
- The Giant Stones – a circle of massive stones surrounding a rough obelisk at the center of Vyborg, apparently built by giants in the dim mists of history. There is also evidence of ancient dvergar work around the stones. At the foot of the obelisk there is a gently sloping tunnel leading down into the darkness of some tunnels and caverns below. An iron portcullis and other defenses are in place, and it is guarded at all times. Some say that it leads to Undirmyrkrit. No one is allowed to enter without a royal charter from the king of Vyborg.

The Upper Quarter (North)
- The Vyborg – a fortified castle that serves as the palace of King Bautur
- The Street of the Gods – A street running south to north through the Upper Quarter, lined with temples to all the Northern gods and quite a few alien gods as well . . .

The Artisan Quarter (East)
- The Yellow Longship Inn

The Harbor Quarter (South, Southwest)
- The Cloven Skull Inn

The Lower Quarter (West, Southwest)


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