Traits of the North

Traits of the North

Using the optional “Traits” rules from the Advanced Player’s Guide (pp. 326-33), the following additional traits are available for characters from the North in “Heroes of Midhgardhur”

Basic Traits

Combat Traits

Recommended: Armor Expert, Bullied, Courageous, Dirty Fighter, Killer, Reactionary, Resilient


The world of the North is one of constant battle, and you have no fear of combat.

Benefit: You gain a +1 trait bonus to all saves to resist fear and intimidation (or raise the DC on any attempts to demoralize you with Intimidation).

Valkosinn (Chosen Slain, Chosen of the Valkyries)

You know in your heart that you have been chosen by the Valkyries, and a glorious death in battle will take you to eternal glory in Valholl, so you charge fearlessly into battle.

Benefit: Whenever you charge, you receive a trait bonus of +1 to attack and damage, but a -1 penalty to AC.

Faith Traits

Recommended: Birthmark, Devotee of the Green (Vanir), Ease of Faith

Magic Traits

Recommended: Dangerously Curious, Focused Mind, Gifted Adept, Hedge Magician, Magical Knack, Magical Lineage, Magical Talent, Skeptic

Fylgja Totem

You know the shape of your fylgja, the animal totem that is part of your soul. If you are of the Summoner class, it forms the basis of your fylgja (eidolon).

Benefits: You get a +1 trait bonus to Handle Animal rolls related to your totem animal, and another bonus depending on the type of totem:

Fylgja Totem Trait Bonus
Bear +1 luck bonus to CMB for grapple checks
Boar +1 luck bonus on attack rolls when charging
Falcon +1 luck bonus to Perception checks
Fox +1 luck bonus to CMD against grappling
Horse +1 luck bonus to Ride checks
Otter + 1 luck bonus to Swim checks
Wolf +1 luck bonus on trip attacks
Wolverine +1 luck bonus to damage on unarmed attacks

Unwoven by the Nornir

The Norns have not yet woven your final fate, and so it is hard to read, even by those who can do such things.

Benefits: Attempts to divine your future – by anybody, man or god – always have inconclusive results, and your Will saves against scrying of any kind are at +4.

Social Traits

Recommended: Adopted, Bully, Charming, Fast-Talker, Natural-Born Leader, Poverty-Stricken, Rich Parents, Suspicious

Fostri/Fostra (Foster-Child)

In the tradition of the North, you were exchanged as a foster child with a rival clan to ensure good relations.

Benefits: You receive a +1 trait bonus to Sense Motive checks, and Diplomacy is treated as a class skill for you.

Campaign Traits

Heroes of Midhgardhur

Runestones of Rys

Race Traits

Recommended: Any from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide

Jotnablodh (Blood of Giants)

You’re big for a person of your race, and folk have always said that perhaps you have some giant blood in you. Even as a child, you have always towered over your friends, and as you grew older, you grew even taller and stronger. Maybe your hair has a tint of blue as well, or your skin is as pale as snow.

Benefits: You gain a +1 trait bonus on combat maneuver checks to sunder, and a +1 trait bonus to your CMD against bull rush and overrun combat maneuvers.

Regional Traits

Recommended: Highlander, Log Roller, Militia Veteran, River Rat, Vagabond Child

Religion Traits

Recommended: NONE

Traits of the North

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