Timerevo is a city that thrives on trade with the East. It is a stronghold of the Rys Khanate, with a population that is perhaps 40% Rys, 30% Vylgar, and 30% more exotic peoples of the East, like Ningul, Urrabites, and others. Surrounding the settlement are the kurgan-tombs of the ancient Vylgar inhabitants of this region, often marked with totemic signs of the swan, turtle, snake, or the like.

Timerevo is a fabulously wealthy city for this region of the East. The money comes from slaves sold downriver, mercenary trade (the Barangoi of Argyropolis are mostly drawn from here), and trade in gems and jewels.

Timerevo is ruled by a chieftain (yfirmadhur) known as Istvan Snorrason, known for his frosty battleaxe.

LN Small City
Corruption: -1, Crime: +1, Economy: +3, Law: +2, Lore: +3, Society: 0
Qualities: Holy Site (Kurgan Tombs), Prosperous, Rumormongering Citizens, Strategic Location
Danger: +5
Disadvantages: none
Government: Autocracy (ruled by Yfirmadhur Istvan Snorrason)
Population: 3567 (90% human, 5% lytlingar, 5% other) (40% Rys, 30% Vylgar, 30% other)
Notable NPCs:

  • Yfirmadhur Istvan Snorrason – LN, armed with battleaxe of frost

Base Value: 5600 gp., Purchase Limit: 17,500 gp., Spellcasting: 8th
Minor Items: 4d4, Medium Items: 3d4, Major Items: 1d6
Significant Locations:
- Yfirmansholl (Chieftain’s Hall) – Where Istvan Snorrason rules.
- The Grand Marketplace – Where merchants from all over the world trade their goods.
- The Low Marketplace – Where less savory goods are sold and bartered by less savory merchants.
- The Kurgan Tombs – Just outside the city, the sites of many religious rites, particularly a form of ancestor worship among the Vylgar.


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