The Sviar are a deeply conservative people who tend towards fanatical faith in the gods. They have ancient ties of kinship with the Gautar, but the Gautar have chosen to go their own way over the centuries.

The Sviar do not have kings, unlike the Danir and the Northmenn. Rather, their political organization is under a loose confederation of jarls. The true capital and center of their culture is not any particular jarldom (any of which might be politically ascendant at any time), but the Great Temple at Uppsalir, the center of the faith of the gods of the North.


Sviar are normal humans as described in Pathfinder. Players may choose any of the variant racial traits described in the Advanced Player;’s Guide.

Core Pathfinder classes (includes Advanced Player’s Guide)

The GM must approve any alternate archetypes from the Advanced Player’s Guide; classes are as described in Pathfinder unless otherwise noted

  • Alchemist – This class is virtually unknown in the North
  • Barbarian – Sviar make excellent barbarians
  • Bard – Sviar make excellent bards (called “skalds”). Players may choose the “Savage Skald” archetype from the Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Cavalier – This class is unknown in the North
  • Cleric – The Sviar make excellent clerics
  • Druid – Almost no Sviar choose to become druids, though they may
  • Fighter – Sviar make excellent fighters
  • Inquisitor – Sviar are the only humans of the North who have inquisitors, and those are rare
  • Monk – This class is unknown in the North
  • Oracle – Sviar make excellent oracles
  • Paladin – Sviar make excellent paladins
  • Ranger – Sviar make excellent rangers
  • Rogue – Sviar may become rogues
  • Sorcerer – Sviar may become sorcerers
  • Summoner – Few Sviar are summoners, but they may take the class
  • Witch -Sviar may become witches
  • Wizard – Sviar make excellent wizards (called “runecasters”), for runecasters are considered holy among the Sviar


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