The land of the Sviar tribes, who acknowledge no king, but rather are led by priests and jarls. The land is covered in a mix of coniferous and deciduous forests in the southernmost areas, but the north is exclusively coniferous forests and tundra.

The last king of the Sviar in the 7th century was Ingjaldur Hinn Illradhi (Ingjaldur the Ill-ruler). Since he died and left the Raven Throne vacant, the Sviar have sworn to have no king but Odhinn himself.


Bleikstrand – “The Bleak Shore” – the desolate shoreline north of Uppsalir, mostly uninhabited

Bjorko (also called “Bjorkey”, an island in Logrinn) – location of the city of Birka

Injaldsholl (ruins north of Uppsalir, former seat of the king of the Sviar).

Logrinn (The Lake)

Munso (also called “Munsey”, an island in Logrinn)

Sigtun (city on the north shore of Logrinn)

Uppsalir (site of the Great Temple)

Island Off the Coast

Gutland – Island of the Gutar, with the capital at Visby

Oeland – a long forested island used as a royal hunting preserve


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