The Underworld of the “Svartalfar” the “Dark Elves,” though ownership of this world is disputed by the dvergar who seek to claim the realm from them – An underground world that is said to be the true origin of the dvergar, huldrufolk, lytlingar, and other races who dwell under the ground (when it was known by its original name, Myrkheimur (“Dark Homeland”). It was taken over by the svartalfar in distant ages past – perhaps the reason those other races first fled to Midhgardhur.

Svartalfaheimur is also home to In Osaellig Hirdh, “The Accursed Court” (or “Unseelie Court) consisting of feudal arrangements of dark or rebellious Vanakyn (fey) who fled the authority of ”/wikis/freyur" class=“wiki-page-link”>Freyur and Freyja as High King and High Queen. They followed the Svartalfar into Myrkheimur and set up their own court there. These dark fey are ruled by dark overlords and queens of their own kind, refusing to join with the Svartalfar any more than they would bend knee to the Alfar and their Vana-gods.

Some locations include:

  • Nidhafjoll – The “Dark Mountains” of the Underworld, lair to many horrific monsters.
  • Nidhavellir – The “Dark Fields” of the Underworld, said to be the home of Modhsognir, one of the first ancestors of the race of Dvergar.

The realm of Svartalfaheimur is underground, close to the Underworld of Helheimur. Some humans think that entrances to this realm are found in ancient burial mounds and barrows.

Cosmology Notes

In game terms, Svartalfaheimur is an Outer Plane.

Svartalfaheimur has the following traits:

  • Divinely Morphic: Jotnar can alter the plane at will. When it was Myrkheimur, Aesir were able to alter the plane at will.
  • Strongly Chaos-Aligned and Strongly Evil-Aligned (when it was Myrkheimur, it was Strongly Good-Aligned, but had no other alignment traits)
  • Enhanced Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the Chaos or Evil descriptors are enhanced.
  • Impeded Magic: Spells and spell-like abilities with the Law or Good descriptors are enhanced.

Petitioners: Svartalfar who die come to Svartalfaheimur as petitioners, usually as “larvae,” though some are “shapeless,” “hunted,” “damned,” and such depending on their inclinations. Interestingly enough (and this is not widely known), Dvergar, Huldrufolk, and Lytlingar who visit Svartalfaheimur do not age or die of natural causes while in this world (a remnant of its original nature as a “homeworld” for their kind beyond Midhgardhur). Perhaps if the Svartalfar could ever be driven from this world, it would become to them what Alfheimur is to the Alfar – a final rest that does not necessitate physical death. Sadly, however, this seems impossible. See this page for details.

Svartalfaheimur is home to Daemons, Demons, Devils, Proteans, and Qlippoth.


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