“Ewoks are hard-core heavy metal compared to Jar-Jar” – Josh

“Fishticuffs!” – Mike

“I rolled a 10. I do not Diplome.” – Mike

“You have one rank in Diplomacy? Oh yeah, you can talk this troll down . . .” – John to Chris (playing Athelstan)

“You could try projectile bleeding on him!” – Chris to John (playing Aravar, who was at -9 hit points)

“Hey! Look what I found!” (holding a severed head) – Neferata

“You are not a good person” – Athelstan
“But I have a flaming sword. That counts for something!” – Neferata

“I just don’t understand trolls. {sigh}” – Tony

“Everytime he (Athelstan) talks, everyone does a facepalm.” – Josh

“I’m unchaining Neferata!” – Basileus Arkonides (Chris)
“What? Are we rolling initiative?” – Josh

“Just for fun, we can kill these (owlbear) babies!” – Chris

“The drake is a lie!” – Chris

“So, we’re approaching the city of Uppsalir? Great! We attack!” – Josh

“Estrid is turning into a wolf? Do I even need to make ‘doggy-style’ jokes?” – Chris

“This is why we can’t have nice things . . . like towns . . .” – Chris

“I could have granted your deepest, darkest desires!” – Hyndlur the Demon
“It involves cheese . . .” – Athelstan (Chris)

“Not only do we not know what you do, but now you don’t even do what you do!” – Chris

“Unfortunately for innocent people, not everyone cares about innocent people. IP = more XP.” – Nefarata (Jessie)

Caelrath – the Chuck Norris of Midhgardhur, and the Most Interesting Alfur in Midhgardhur
“Caelrath can speak Dwarven . . . in Elven . . .”
“Caelrath once failed a saving throw, just to see what it felt like . . .”
“Caelrath sometimes fails rolls just to give his enemies a fighting chance . . .”
“Caelrath the Magnificent Mighty Musclebound Mage!”
“Caelrath doesn’t always hit, but when he does, it’s CRITICAL!”
“Caelrath once ran a marathon because it was on his way . . .”


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