The Nyjirmenn (singular Nyrmadhur) are descended from other human nations of the North, especially the Northmenn. Long ago, with the rise of the Einkonungur in Noregur, and the great royal dynasties among the Danir, the ancestors of the Nyjirmenn chose to flee across the sea to the West to preserve their freedom and liberty. They found the island they named Nyrheimur, cleared it of hostile monsters, and established their own culture there. They have no rulers, but rather they gather in democratic assemblies called things.

The Nyjirmenn are far removed from the rest of the North, but some do still sail the vast ocean distances to trade with their former homelands. They are known for their great independence (and stubbornness). Some rare few decide to extend their visits to the old homelands, seeking glory, adventure, and treasure to bring back to Nyrheimur.


Nyjirmenn are considered normal humans as described in Pathfinder. Players may choose the following variant racial traits from the Advanced Player’s Guide: Eye for Talent, Heart of the Fields, or Heart of the Wilderness

Core Pathfinder classes (includes Advanced Player’s Guide)

The GM must approve any alternate archetypes from the Advanced Player’s Guide; classes are as described in Pathfinder unless otherwise noted

  • Alchemist – This class is virtually unknown in the North
  • Barbarian – Nyjirmenn make excellent barbarians
  • Bard – Nyjirmenn make excellent bards (usually called “skalds”). Players may choose the “Savage Skald” archetype from the Advanced Player’s Guide
  • Cavalier – This class is unknown in the North
  • Cleric – Few Nyjirmenn choose to become clerics, preferring to trust their own might rather than the gods. Clerics are traditionally greatly respected among them, however
  • Druid – Few Nyjirmenn choose to become druids, for the same reason that few are clerics
  • Fighter – Nyjirmenn make excellent fighters
  • Inquisitor – This class is virtually unknown in the North
  • Monk – This class is unknown in the North
  • Oracle – Few Nyjirmenn become oracles, though they may
  • Paladin – Few Nyjirmenn become paladins, though the may
  • Ranger – Nyjirmenn make excellent rangers
  • Rogue – Nyjirmenn make excellent rogues
  • Sorcerer – Few Nyjirmenn become sorcerers, though they may
  • Summoner – Few Nyjirmenn are summoners, but they may take the class
  • Witch – Nyjirmenn may be witches
  • Wizard – Nyjirmenn rarely become wizards (usually called “runecasters”), probably because a civilized education is so hard to acquire in Nyrheimur.


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