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Campaign Guide

The Campaign Guide contains all the information you need to make characters suited to the “Heroes of Midhgardhur” campaign setting. You can learn about premitted races, classes, traits, gods, and other such details necessary to understanding the setting here.

Character Creation – for notes about basic character creation, to be used in conjunction with Pathfinder
Gods of Midhgardhur – deities of the setting – clerics take note of potential fulltruar (patron deities)
Campaign Background – what you need to know about the campaign itself
Languages – details the languages particular to this setting
Names – appropriate names to Ethelling and Northern culture
Havamal – “The Sayings of the High One” – Northern philosophy, said to be the word of Odhinn!
Arms and Equipment – a guide to the physical culture of the North
Combat and Tactics – a guide to the Northern way of fighting
Bestiary – Variant monsters found in Midhgardhur
Domur – Reputation!
Hamingja – Luck (Hero Points)!
Vocabulary and Kennings

The World

Gazetteer of the world of Midhgardhur


The coinage used in the North was adapted from old Norrani standards of weights and measures. It is similar to the standard Pathfinder system, except that platinum is not used at all (larger amounts of gold are used instead).

Pathfinder Coinage Northern Equivalent abbreviation
copper piece copper pennigur (pl. pennigar) cp.
silver piece silver pennigur (pl. pennigar) sp.
gold piece gold eyrir (pl. aurar) none (aurar)
platinum piece gold mark none (marks)

The majority of people in the North do everyday business in barter of goods and services rather than coin. This is especially true in rural areas.

Calendar and Timekeeping

Midhgardhur has essentially the same 24-hour day and 365-day year that Earth has, and for}convenience can be said to use an almost identical calendar. The years are counted N.Y. (Norrani Years, years from the founding of the Norrani Imperium) in most of the known world. Anything before the founding of the Norrani Imperium is noted as B.E. (Before the Empire).

A brief history of the world of Midhgardhur, mostly from the perspective of the North, is provided for reference. It is not necessary to study this history extensively in order to play in and enjoy the “Heroes of Midhgardhur” campaign (most characters in the North tend to be ignorant of the larger history of the world unless they have specifically studied it, anyway).

The North also has common Holidays celebrated across its many lands!

Lore of Midhgardhur

Herein is found the lore known to the wise of Midhgardhur – a gazeteer of the lands, cosmology, and other knowledge of the sort known to sages (and those with various “Knowledge” skills, in Pathfinder terms). Lore of Midhgardhur

Advanced Options

Some options for advanced characters in Midhgardhur may be found here.

Inspirational Media

Click here for some of the reading, movies, and music that inspires Valerianus when he writes fantasy and especially the world of Midhgardhur!

Great Quotes

Some of the wit and wisdom of our campaigns can be found here.


  • Heroes of Midhgardhur – The founding campaign for the world of Midhgardhur. The original background can be found here
  • Runestones of Rys – An introductory campaign using the “Beginner Box Set” rules. The background can be found here
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics – Alternate rules for DCC RPG rather than Pathfinder can be found here

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