Throughout the lands of the North, the following holidays are celebrated in common:

Morsugur/Aeftera-geola-monath (January)

  • Threttandi (“13th Night”) – New Year celebration, following the 12th night of Jol.
  • Thorrablot – A winter celebration in honor of Thorr and winter, held on the 17th-25th.

Thorri/Sol-monath (February)

  • Barri – “The Charming of the Plow” – Celebrating the wedding of Freyur and Gerdhur, on the 2nd.
  • Disablot – “Sacrifice of the Disir” – Honoring the female ancestors and the Disir, on the 14th of the month.

Goa/Hreth-monath (March)

  • Ostara/Eostre (a.k.a. Sigurblot or Sumarmal) – The opening of the summer half of the year, celebrated on the 20th of the month.

Einmanudhur/Eostur-monath (April)

  • Valuborgsnott (Valuborg’s Night) – A fertility festival, with the Dance of the Irminsul performed wearing wreaths and garlands of flowers, a feast in honor of Valuborg, an ancient witch who is believed to have secretly been an avatar of Freyja. This night is said to lend power to witchcraft and sorcery, and make easy travel between the Nine Worlds. Celebrated on the 30th.

Harpa/Thrimilce-monath (May)

Skerpla/Aerra-Litha (June)

  • Litha – A festival of fire, celebrated with bonfires and such, on the 21st of the month (midsummer).

Solmanudhur/Aeftera-Litha (July)

Heyannir/Weod-monath (August)

  • Freyfaxi/Hlaefmaest – A feast in honor of the grain harvest, with offers of bread and grain, often dedicated to Freyur. The story of Loki cropping Sif’s hair is often told at this time as well. Celebrated on the 1st.

Tvimanudhur/Halig-monath (September)

  • Haligmonthah – “The Holy Month” – The last great harvest festival before winter sets in.

Haustmanudhur/Winter-fylleth (October)

  • Vetnaettur/Winterfylleth/Winter-Finding/Winter Nights – A celebration of the honored dead and the onset of winter, held around the 11th or so (the exact night changed from year to year, almost always on a full moon night after the autumnal equinox)

Gormanudhur/Blot-monath (November)

Ylir/Aerra-geola-monath (December)

  • Jol (“Geola” in Theodisc) – “Yule” – A holiday celebrated “til ars ok til frithar” (“for a fertile and peaceful season”), including sacrifices to Odhinn and the Vanir. Some say that the Wild Hunt rides at this time each year. It is a time for veneration of ancestors as well. “Jol-tid gifts” are given, and there are traditionally many fires, from the light of candles to bonfires. The festival takes place in the last 12 days of Ylir/Aerra-geola-monath


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