Herein is the lore of the lands of the world of Midhgardhur.

The Continents

Three great continents are known:

  • Nordhuralfa – The continent best known to the folk of the North, as it is their homeland. It includes the subcontinent of Skadhinavi (or, in Theodisc, Scedeland), homeland of the Northmenn, Sviar, and Gautar, among others . . .
  • Austuralfa – The mysterious far eastern continent, which is conjoined to Nordhuralfa . . . it is believed that in the east, the boundaries between Midhgardhur and Jotunheimur (the world of giants) is very thin, causing much confusion between the lands of men and giants.
  • Omuria – The strange continent to the south, suspected of being very close to the world of Muspellsheimur (the world of fire).

Beyond the three known continents, certain mystics and sages claim there is a fourth land across the Promethean Ocean to the West . . . a continent known as Vinland.

Lands of Midhgardhur:

Alba – The wild lands in the northern part of the island of Prytania, cut off from the rest of the island by the Giantwall. Giants and other terrible monsters are said to rule its savage lands.
The Denalagu – The “Dena-law,” Danir-controlled region in the north of Ethelland with the capital at Jorvik
Denaland – The land of the Danir
Dumnonia – A kingdom of the Prytani on the western part of the island of Prytania
Ethelland – The kingdoms of the Ethellingar (and Prytani) on the island of Prytania
Faereyjar – The Faerey islands to the northeast of Ethelland, on the way to Nyrheimur
Frisia – The land to the west of Denaland on the shores north of Gaunorria.
Gaunorria – To the South, the shores that were once the lands of the Norrani Imperium, which fell to the invasions of the ancient Gauthioth, now petty feuding kingdoms of southerners
Gautland – Home of the Gautar tribes, the famous slayers of monsters
The Gray Isle – Reputed homeland of the Alfar, the elves of Midhgardhur
Hierarch States – The former heartlands of the Norrani Imperium, now largely under the dominion of the Hierarchy (church of Dyovis, with the Hierarch as monarch]]
Hjaltland – A small chain of islands to the north of Ethelland
Jarnhryggur – The “Ironspine” – the chain of mountains that divides Noregur from Gautland and Svialand
Mona – An island between Prytania and the Gray Isle, home to a community of Northmenn
Noregur – Home of the Northmenn, now under the domination of Haraldur Einkonungur (The One King, King of Noregur, “Emperor of the North”)
Nyrheimur – The island of the West where men have no king, only the law.
Palnorra – The Silver Empire, successor-state to the Norrani Imperium
Permia (also known as Bjarmia or Bjarmaland) – The mysterious East . . .
Prytanian Kingdoms – a loose confederation of realms of the Prytani on the west coast of the island of Prytania
The Rys Khanate – The lands of the Rys to the East
Sjaelland – The Danir island of the Skjoldungar
Sudhreyjar – A small chain of islands off the western coast of Ethelland
Svialand – The land of the Sviar, who have no king, but are led by priests and jarls
Ulfsey – The island of outlaws on the Torni River, the border between Svialand and Bjarmaland (also known as Permia)
Urkneyjar – The Urkney Islands, settled by men of the North
Vendland – A barbaric land to the east of Denaland, inhabited by barbarians known as Vendar (singular Vendur).
Vinland – A legendary land across the Promethean Ocean to the west. It has been foretold in dreams and visions, but none have ever made the voyage successfully, as far as anyone knows.

The Waters:

Lake Aldeigja – In Permia (The Rys Khanate)
Dyn River – A major river of the east, which leads to the Maeotidahaf
Eystrasalt – The “East Salt Sea” (called Ostsae in Ethelland).
Gandvik or Hvitahaf – “The Bay of Serpents,” also known as the “White Sea”
Helsingjabotn – The waters to the east of the land of the Helsingar
Hyrcanian Sea – a sea of the southeast that touches many exotic lands
Lake Ilmajarvi – The source of the river Velkhov in Permia (The Rys Khanate)
Jutlandshaf – the sea between Noregur and the part of Denaland called Jutland. This sea is also called the Kattegatt.
Maeotidahaf – The sea to which the Dyn river leads, connected to the Svartahaf
Midhjardharhaf – The “Sea in the Middle of the Lands” to the south. The largest island in this sea is Trinacria, “Three-Corner Island”, a possession of the Hierarch States.
Promethean Ocean – The great ocean of the west, which men say once swallowed the Promeathean civilization when the world was young . . .
Svartahaf – The “Black Sea”, connected to both Maeotidahaf (to the northeast) and Midhjardharhaf (to the southwest)
Vylga River – The major river of the east, which leads to the Hyrcanian Sea
Velkhov River – Flows into the lake Aldeigja from Lake Ilmajarvi

Distant Lands

Most of the lands above are on the continent of Nordhuralfa, but other lands are known to exist:

The Caliphate of Babiru (Austuralfa) – The great empire of the Urrabites, with its heartland in the cradle of civilization on the world of Midhgardhur. The original homeland of the Urrabites is the province known as Beled-ul-Shab
The Caliphate of Nonorra (Nordhuralfa) – The foothold of the Urrabites on the Nordhuralfa continent, once land claimed by the Norrani Imperium.
Kumat (Omuria) – The ancient desert kingdom of the Kumatites along the Nylos River
The Ningenai Empire (Austuralfa) – The great eastern empire of the Ningenai peoples, a land so impossibly distant that it trades with the known world only through the Ningul.
The kingdoms of the Nybians to the south of Kumat, along the Nylos River in OmuriaNybadia in the north, Makuria in the middle, and Alodia in the south.
Uryanah (Subcontinent of Austuralfa) – Land of the ancient Uryah peoples, briefly an empire but now a loose confederation of city-states, each with its own rajah or king.
Yoake-no-Shima (Austuralfa) – The “Island of Dawn,” to the east off the coast of the Ningenai Empire, settled by the Yoakejin.
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