The Ethellingar (or Ethellings) once dwelt on the fringes of the Danir lands, in some of the most inhospitable environments. But the Ethellings have always believed in their own destiny. Their name for themselves means “The Noble People.” When the Norrani Imperium began to collapse, and they withdrew their forces from the island province of Prytania, the Ethellings invaded the vulnerable island and conquered it despite fierce resistance from the Prytani, remaing it “Ethelland.” The Ethellings see themselves as more civilized than the other humans of the North, feeling more comfortable living in large settlements and communities.

The arrogance of the Ethellingar has been somewhat shattered by the Danir conquering some of northern Ethelland and forging the “Denalogu” territory. Still, the Ethellings are a proud people, and seek to prove their worth to all the world.


Ethellings are considered normal humans as described in Pathfinder. They may take any of the variant racial traits for humans described in the Advanced Player’s Guide.

Core Pathfinder classes (includes Advanced Player’s Guide)

The GM must approve any alternate archetypes from the Advanced Player’s Guide; classes are as described in Pathfinder unless otherwise noted

  • Alchemist – This class is virtually unknown in the North
  • Barbarian – Few Ethellings are barbarians (being a more civilized people), but they may take the class
  • Bard – Ethellings make excellent bards, called “scops” (pronounced “shopes”). Players may use the “Savage Skald” archetype from the Advanced Player’s Guide.
  • Cavalier – This class is unknown in the North
  • Cleric – Ethellings may be clerics, though they tend to call the gods by slightly different names than the other peoples of the North
  • Druid – Few Ethellings are druids, since the druidic faith was considered a cultural trait of the Prytani, their enemies
  • Fighter – Ethellings make excellent fighters
  • Inquisitor – This class is virtually unknown in the North
  • Monk – This class is unknown in the North
  • Oracle – Few Ethellings choose to be oracles, but they may take the class
  • Paladin – Ethellings make excellent paladins
  • Ranger – Fewer Ethellings are rangers since they spend more time in civilization, but they may take the class
  • Rogue – Ethellings make excellent rogues
  • Sorcerer – Few Ethellings choose to be sorcerers, though they may take the class
  • Summoner – Very few Ethellings are summoners, but they may take the class
  • Witch – Ethellings may be witches
  • Wizard – Ethellings make better wizards than many peoples of the North, since a civilized education is easier for them to obtain.


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