Character Creation

Character Creation

This page will contain all the information you need to customize the character creation process for the “Heroes of Midhgardhur” campaign. You will be making characters according to the Pathfinder RPG rules, but with some modifications. Most of these modifications involve the culture from which your character comes.

Character Classes

An overview of the core Pathfinder character classes and their roles in the Midhgardhur campaign setting may be found here

Cultures of Midhgardhur

Alfar (Elves) – Also known as Ljosalfar (“Light Elves”), a mysterious and otherworldly race who are deeply connected to the nature of the world. They dwell in wild places of the world, having their own homeland in the Gray Isle of the West (and, it is said, in realms beyond the mortal world). Most half-alfar (or “alfarkyn,” half-elves) are treated as fully human by the surrounding human culture, despite their obvious nature as vaettir, although they may choose to align themselves with alfar culture if they wish.

Danir – Northern humans with a proud tradition of royal dynasties and mighty warriors. The Danir hail from lowlying Northlands, mostly marshes, moors, and small islands. In recent centuries the Danir have feuded with the Ethellingar, carving out their own kingdom (the “Denalagu”) from northern Ethelland. However, the Danir homelands are beset by terrible monsters

Dvergar (Dwarves) – A rarely-seen race of smiths and warriors who dwell in underground kingdoms. Some occasionally venture into the world of humans to seek fortune and adventure. Their homelands are deep beneath the mountains of the world (and, it is said, in realms beyond the mortal world)

Ethellingar – The Ethellings are humans distantly related to the Northern humans. They left their poor lands around the Danir centuries ago and conquered island of Prytania, renaming it Ethelland (“the Noble Land”) and themselves “Ethellingar” (“the Noble People”). Their greatest city is at Thamesburg, also known as “Lundun”. . .

Gautar – A nation of Northern humans who hail from Gautland. They have a proud tradition of monster-slayers and heroes. It is said that the Gautar conquer monsters as the Danir conquer other men. The Gautar share ancient ties with the Sviar, but are less conservative

Huldrufolk (Gnomes) – The “hidden folk,” a diminutive race with magical talents that tends to hide from the humans near whom they live. The huldrufolk tend to live in desolate hills and uncanny, abandoned places, rarely venturing among humans except to trade or to seek adventure

Lytlingar (Halflings) – The “little people” are the most commonly seen non-human race. They tend to a simple agrarian life, living in small villages near but separate from humans among the Ethellings and Northern humans. While most humans have seen one of the Lytlingar at least once in their lives, it is the rare Lytling who takes up an adventuring life

Northmenn – A nation of Northern humans who hail from the Kingdom of Noregur, subjects of the Einkonungur (the One King). The Northmenn are generally fanatically loyal to their king, and are mostly a seafaring warrior people, equally likely to “raid or trade”

Nyjirmenn – Northern humans who refused to submit to the tyranny of kings or jarls, the ancestors of the Nyjirmenn sailed West and settled on isle of Nyrheimur. The modern Freeholds of Nyrheimur have no nobles, only a set of common laws and local democratic assemblies (called things). Nyjirmenn are fiercely independent and self-sufficient. When they are found among the old Northern kingdoms, it is usually because they have deliberately left their peaceful farmsteads to seek fortune and adventure

Sviar – A nation of Northern humans famed for their deep religious convictions and conservative nature. They are ruled by jarls, but have a capital at Uppsalir where stands the Great Temple, the center of the worship of the Northern gods on Midhgardhur. From the Sviar come the greatest priests of the North

Trollkyn (Half-Orcs) – The rare offspring of troll (a generic term in the North for many humanoid races, including orcs) and humans. Trollkyn tend to be stronger then humans, and brutish, but they don’t necessarily appear inhuman themselves. Trollkyn form a savage subculture among the humans of the North

Expanded Skills of the North

Feats of the North

Players are strongly encouraged to review the feats in the Core Rulebook and other Pathfinder core rules when selecting feats. Some other feats appropriate to the Midhgardhur setting are found in Feats of the North

Character Traits

Using the rules from the Advanced Player’s Guide, every new PC may take 2 character traits (see pp. 326 – 333). Players must check with the GM before taking any character traits. The example “Campaign Traits” and “Religion Traits” (which are specific to the Golarion campaign setting) are forbidden. However, there are additional Traits of the North

Hero Points (Hamingja)

PCs in the “Heroes of Midhgardhur” campaign setting use the optional “Hero Point” rules from the Advanced Player’s Guide (see pp. 322-325) – the term used in Midhgardhur is Hamingja, or the Northern conception of “luck” . . .

Character Creation

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