Baldur (aka Bealdor in Ethelland) – NG – God of beauty, courage, and light (deceased but prophecied to rise again after Ragnarok) – Domains: Charm, Glory, Good, Healing, Sun – Weapon: Greatsword, Longsword – Clerics may be any good alignment – Symbol: Drinking horn {Possibly the same as the Prytani "Belinus"}

Epithets and Bynames: The Bold

Associations: Son of Odhinn and Frigga, husband of Nanna (“Daring One,” who herself died of grief when she saw him laid out for his funeral). Slain by the blind god Hodhur (“Hatred”) at the instigation of Loki. His hall in Asgardhur was called Breidhablik (“Broad-Gleaming”), a place into which no evil may come. Some say he is the father of Forseti.

Baldur was the fairest of the gods, most beloved by all, a bold warrior, a god of the sun and the light. A warrior god, such was his extreme beauty and personal charisma that he was worshiped as the god of light and beauty as well. Some say he represents the sun itself, the Light of the World. He was set as the heir of Odhinn, the crown prince of Asgardhur, before his murder. His name means “The Bold One,” “The Daring” (as the name of his wife, Nanna, likewise means “Daring One”). Nanna loves him more than life itself. Baldur was a positive inspiration to the world and the gods, and the dark forces of the world long plotted to see him destroyed and bring about the ages of darkness.

While Baldur is currently dead and in Hel’s domain, he waits for the fulfillment of the prophecy of his rebirth. Therefore he is not truly dead, in any final sense. It is unknown how the spells of his clerics are granted – it is assumed that Baldur cannot grant spells to his clerics, being dead, but perhaps appeals to Baldur are fulfilled by Odhinn and Frigga.

His holy plants are the ox-eye daisy (called “Baldur’s Brow” in the North, though that name is also given to chammomile). He is also associated with the linden and the mistletoe. His colors are white and gold.


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