An enchanted (cursed?) longsword . . .

weapon (melee)

Tyrfingur appears as a simple longsword with a golden hilt. The blade seems almost supernaturally bright and sharp. Its name is engraved in runes upon its golden hilt.


The tale of the sword “Tyrfingur” (the “finger of Tyr,” the war-god) begins with Svafurlami, a king of Gardhariki who was a grandson of Odhinn. He trapped the dvergar Dvalinn (a cleric of Tyr) and Durinn (a wizard) and forced them to forge for him a magical longsword with a golden hilt. This they did, but in revenge for their coercion they cursed it to kill someone every time it was drawn, and to bring about several great evils (it was originally thought to be three, but may be more), and to bring about the death of Svafurlami himself.

Svafurlami tried to slay Dvalinn for his treachery, but he managed to escape into the dvergar realms underground by Meld into Stone. Svafurlami was slain by the berserker Arngrimur, who took the sword. After Arngrimur, it was taken by Angantyr and his 11 brothers, who were all slain at Samso by the Gautar champion Hjalmar and sworn-brother Orvar-Odd. Hjalmar died soon thereafter, asking Orvar-Odd to bring his body to Ingeborg, the daughter of Yngvi at Uppsalir.

Angantyr’s daughter Hervor by his wife Tofa sought the blade next, and went to Munarvoe in Samso. She allegedly found it, but it brought only sorrow to her family (her son Heidrek wanted to see the sword and unsheathed it, and the curse forced him to kill his brother, also called Angantyr). Heidrek fled, eventually becoming king of his own tribe. Eventually, however, one of his own thralls stole the sword, unsheathed it, and slew Heidrek. Heidrek’s son (also called Angantyr!) captured the thrall, killed him, and reclaimed the sword. Angantyr used the sword to defeat a coup, really a civil war, by his illegitimate half-brother Hlodhur.

However, after this, Angantyr is said to have renounced the power of the weapon, none know what happened to the blade . . .


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