An enchanted longsword made by the same dwarves who forged Tyrfingur

weapon (melee)

Logsvar (“Law’s Answer”) was forged to be a counterpoint to the cursed sword Tyrfingur. As such it is very similar in appearance: a simple longsword with a golden hilt. The blade seems almost supernaturally bright and sharp. The name “LOGSVAR” is engraved in runes upon the blade.

Logsvar is a +2 intelligent axiomatic longsword (LG, may be used by any Lawful character, but all others have 1 negative level as long as they hold Logsvar, Chaotic creatures attempting to wield Logsvar gain an additional negative level; speaks Thjodhisk, Theodisc, Dwarven, Elven, and Draconic; the sword can see and hear within 120 ft. and can communicate by empathy, it has the ability to cast Order’s Wrath 3 times per day and has the special purpose of slaying/defeating chaotic creatures and when used in pursuit of this goal the wielder gets a +2 luck bonus to all attacks, saves, and checks). Logsvar is very zealous in its passion for battling chaos and will strongly urge its wielder towards this end.

As an axiomatic weapon, Logsvar is always considered Lawful and bypasses any damage reduction that requires Lawful weapons to penetrate it. It deals an additional 2d6 damage against chaotic foes.



Logsvar, a name meaning something like, “Law’s Answer,” or “The Reply of Law,” is a sword forged by the legendary dvergar smiths Dvalinn and Durinn as a penance for their role in creating the Tyrfingur, a magical sword twisted to serve the ends of Chaos. Knowing that they had unintentionally unleashed a terrible force for Chaos upon the world, Dvalinn and Durinn created Logsvar as an “answer” to Tyrfingur. Not much of its story, nor even its very existence, ever became widely known. Although Logsvar is said to be an intelligent weapon with a will of its own, like Tyrfingur, it is said to be far easier to control than that weapon.


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