Heroes of Midhgardhur

Session 46 - The Expedition (Act 8 - Vyborg)

HM7 The Expedition

9/7/13 – 46th Session – Module HM7 – The Expedition
Game Date: 8/4/900 N.Y. – 8/6/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Athelstan (Chris) – domur: 67, hamingja: 2
Aurel (Metellus) – domur: 65, hamingja: 3
Basileus Arkonides (Chris) – domur: 65, hamingja: 1
Caelrath (Josh) – domur: – 65, hamingja: 3
Estrid (Tanya) – domur: 69, hamingja: 2
Thrand Hallsteinsson (Josh) – domur: 65, hamingja: 3
Hakon Finehair the Skald (NPC) – domur: 61
Gruull the Trollfolk (NPC, Cohort of Basileus Arkonides)
Bronislava (NPC)
Oxana the Lady-In-Waiting (NPC)
Dunyasha the Lady (NPC)

Manadagur, the 4th of Heyannir, 900 N.Y.

Upon arrival in the city of Vyborg, known as the “City of Giants” (although no actual giants reside there), the heroes split up, as is their wont when coming to a new settlement:

  • Athelstan found a “Temple Street” running north from the center of the city, with temples to the various gods of the North (and to various alien gods as well, such as Jomali. He visited the House of Baldur, and learned that King Bautur has some mysterious visitors from the West (specifically from among the Helsingar). He then went to meet up with the others . . .
  • Basileus Arkonides went to find an armorer to repair his damaged armor. Once this was done, he inquired after directions to a relatively clean and high-class brothel, and was sent to The Red Pillow. Following his . . . er, “adventures” . . . in the brothel, he went to meet up with the others . . .
  • Caelrath went to the Artisan’s Quarter to find craftsmen who could make him a strongbox that would serve as a component for his secret chest spell. He found craftsmen capable of completing the work, but he was short of funds to pay for it. He offered to trade his services, including his use of teleport spells to acquire rare and exotic materials for the craftsmen.
  • The rest of the heroes had gone seeking an inn. After searching for something suitable, they settles on The Yellow Longship (the sign depicted a longship, apparently once painted gold, but now faded to a dull yellow). The proprietor, Otrygg, was a former viking of Rys descent who lost his right leg in a raid on Gaunorria and had it replaced with a wooden peg (also painted yellow). Estrid worked out a deal for paying 20 silver pennigar – or 2 gold aurar – each for a full month of room, board, and stabling.
  • Estrid went out to a public square to perform her comedy routine and earn some money – but her performance was somewhat lackluster, and she earned little money. When she complained of this back at The Yellow Longship, Otrygg offered to let her perform in the common room there – his patrons would get entertainment, and she could make some money. This became part of their arrangement.
  • At The Yellow Longship they encountered two sailors named Sveinn and Otar who were crewmen on the Dark Serpent, the longship of Thorgill Haraldsson (who, it turned out, was in the city, meeting with King Bautur).

Tysdagur, the 5th of Heyannir, 900 N.Y.

Knowing that something dark seemed afoot in the court of King Bautur, Athelstan, Aurel, Basileus Arkonides, Caelrath, and Estrid went to visit the Vyborg (the fortress-citadel of the city of Vyborg). The guards were going to deny them entrance, but Basileus managed to imply that he was an envoy of the Silver Emperor of Palnorra himself! Believing him to be an Imperial Ambassador, the stewards of the Vyborg immediately escorted Basileus and his “entourage” to the throne room.

King Bautur was holding court, meeting with Thorgill Haraldsson and two mysterious figures in cloaks and cowls (who were apparently, based on the information the heroes had, from the Helsingar tribe). The heroes, with Basileus as their spokesman, managed to banter with Thorgill and the king for a bit. The heroes were able to determine that Thorgill Haraldsson uses a combination of disguise and illusion to hide his true form (he is supposed to be “inhuman” according to the rumors they heard), but were unable to determine what that true form was. At length, the heroes were dismissed, with the promise that King Bautur would grant a proper audience to the “Imperial Ambassador” later . . .

That night, Basileus Arkonides laid out a plan to forge the documentation to “prove” his status as an “Imperial Ambassador.” Aurel, being a scribe, had all the necessary materials. Basileus, being from the Silver City itself, was able to describe the proper forms and formats for such a writ. Caelrath did the actual work of forging the paperwork. It seemed quite successful.

Also that night, Estrid performed in the common room of The Yellow Longship, accompanied by Basileus playing his zither. Her performance was once again disappointing. She asked Hakon Finehair the Skald to accompany her next time . . .

Odhinsdagur, the 6th of Heyannir, 900 N.Y.

The next morning, the party split into two groups. In the first group, Basileus Arkonides, pretending to be an “Imperial Ambassador,” went to see the king. He was accompanied by Athelstan (his “spiritual adviser”), Caelrath (his “magical adviser”), Hakon Finehair the Skald, and Aurel (his “scribe,” handling the forged documents). They were allowed an audience with King Bautur . . .

The second group, meanwhile, was made up of Estrid and Thrand Hallsteinsson. They went to visit the “Giant Stones” at the center of Vyborg – a rough obelisk surrounded by a circle of standing stones in a henge, apparently made by giants in the dim mists of history. Beneath the obelisk was a blocked and guarded tunnel going north, surrounded by ancient stonework that appeared to be the work of dvergar. The guards explained that this tunnel was believed to lead to Undirmyrkrit, and was kept locked at all times – no one is permitted into the tunnel without a royal charter. Few who have ventured into the tunnel have ever returned – it is said to connect to the dungeons of the Fjalskonungur (the “Mountain King”). In chatting with the guards, Estrid was able to bluff them in order to get the information that the visitors from the Helsingar are staying at an inn of the Harbor Quarter called The Cloven Skull. So Estrid and Thrand set off to The Cloven Skull to find out what they could about these mysterious visitors from the Helsingar . . .

XP Earned: 9,600 (1600 each)
Total XP: 83,663 each
XP to level 10: 105,000


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