Heroes of Midhgardhur

Runestones of Rys, Session 4 - The First Runestone

RR1 - The First Runestone

6/30/13 – 4th Session – Module RR1 – The First Runestone
Game Date: 3/9/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Vladmir Kirilenko (Andrew)
Grunyar (Eli)
Merisiel (Tanya)
Ulrik Larsson of Uppsalir (NPC)

Manadagur, the 9th of Goa, 900 N.Y.

The party spent another uneventful night encamped in the now-empty goblin caves within the Temple of the First Runestone. Having already explored all the other passages, they suspected that the dragon they feared to lurk within the temple must be in the one place they had not yet looked – the passageway some 20 feet over their heads.

It was a steep cliff leading up to the passage, but Vladmir Kirilenko used the party’s potion of levitate to gently rise to the opening and tie off a rope for the rest of his companions in what turned out to be a hidden crypt of some kind. But as he tied off the rope, he heard some kind of weird shuffling noise from deep within the crypt. Even as Grunyar climbed the rope into the crypt, 3 undead skeletons came shambling into view. Dressed in rotten rags of clothing, unarmed, they approached with outstretched claws . . .

Vladmir Kirilenko’s initial attack with his magical sword demonstrated a chief difficulty in battling skeletons – slashing and piercing attacks have little effect! Since the party had few bludgeoning weapons with which to bash the skeletons, they had to get creative – for example, Grunyar used his rope to lasso a skeleton. Merisiel used burning hands and her wand of magic missile to blast one of them to splinters. But it was Ulrik Larsson of Uppsalir who finally destroyed them by calling upon his god Thorr and channeling his holy power, destroying the remaining skeletons and healing the wounds suffered by the party so far.

After the battle, Merisiel examined the remains of the skeletons and determined that they had the remains of a weak necromantic magic which had animated them – and that the remains of their clothing were of the right type for the followers of Rys himself – probably followers of his buried here in his first temple, cursed to rise again if anyone disturbed their crypt. But they seemed to have been wandering in undeath for a while. What if it was the dragon’s presence that caused the dead to rise . . .? Such was their speculation as they probed deeper into the Temple of the First Runestone . . .

The passageway twisted and turned deeper into the hillside, until finally it opened into a chamber open to the sky. Within was a glittering hoard of treasure . . . and a black-scaled dragon! The heroes charged to attack it, but the beast was able to shrug off most of their attacks. It felled Vladmir Kirilenko, who would have surely died had not Ulrik Larsson of Uppsalir healed his wounds. Grunyar got a lucky shot with his bow and wounded the beast, and Merisiel’s magic (and that of her wand of magic missiles!) was having some small effect. But once Ulrik Larsson of Uppsalir got Vladmir Kirilenko back on his feet, it was Vladmir Kirilenko and his dragon-bane sword that turned the tide, wounding the dragon so grievously that it fled – and it was able to escape, despite their parting shots . . .

Which left the party free to loot the dragon’s hoard . . . something they know the dragon will never forgive. It will seek vengeance upon them . . . eventually . . .

Before the party left the Temple of the First Runestone, they consulted the map given to them by the mysterious old man at the beginning of their quest. It showed that the next town was about 38 miles away, and the supposed site of the next runestone. The town is apparently known as either Rybnaya Sloboda or Ust-Sheksna. The party intends to seek the next runestone, and mayhap the black dragon as well . . .

XP Earned: 1600 (400 each)
Total XP: 1470 each
XP to level 2: 2000


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