Heroes of Midhgardhur

Runestones of Rys, Session 5 - The Second Runestone

RR2 - The Second Runestone

9/19/13 – 5th Session – Module RR1 – The Second Runestone
Game Date: 3/11/900 N.Y.

The Party:
Vladmir Kirilenko (Andrew)
Grunyar (Eli)
Merisiel (Tanya)
Ulrik Larsson of Uppsalir (NPC)

Odhinsdagur, the 11th of Goa, 900 N.Y.

After two days of travel, the heroes reached the village of Rybnaya Sloboda. They were met at the gates of the wooden palisade by guards, who inquired whence they had come and who they were. Grunyar did most of the talking, though Vladmir Kirilenko did ask whether the palisade indicated that they faced invaders or attackers. The guards replied that it was just a simple precaution. Grunyar got some directions to a smith who could sell them some weapons, and Merisiel inquired about an inn (and was directed to the “Falling Rain Inn”

The heroes visited Dainn’s Forge, where the dvergur smith Dainn was working. Grunyar purchased a new battle axe and throwing axe from Dainn, as well as a scimitar (Dainn said he got it from a foreign trader who came up the river) that he bargained down to a much lower price. Grunyar mentioned that they were seeking the fabled Runestones of Rys, and Dainn reacted as if startled. He was able to point out to them the nearby hill, surrounded by a 15’ tall stone wall, atop which stood an ancient beech tree. He said that many adventurers had climbed yon hill looking for a runestone, and all had died in the attempt. None knew what manner of beast had killed the adventurers, but most reasoned that it must be something very small, since a large beast would have been spotted by now . . .

Next, the party visited the Yfirmansholl, where they met Yfirmadhur Arpad Olafsson, the local headman. He seemed an arrogant man, dressed in bright clothing of yellow, red, and green. He gave permission for them to seek the runestone on the hill, saying that if they found treasure they would have to pay taxes when they came back down the hill . . . if they ever came back down the hill. He also offered to buy the secrets of their runestone in exchange for a large quantity of fish (the main local produce) and 1 gold eyrir each! They refused . . .

The heroes passed the Falling Rain Inn. They decided not to check in there until after they had visited the hill . . .

The party found an old, rusted iron gate set in the wall surrounding the hill. Finding it unlocked, Vladmir Kirilenko kicked it open. They carefully climbed the hill, debating who should be going first. They noted the bones of former adventurers strewn about in the grass. The heroes reached the top of the hill, where underneath the ancient beech tree was a staff of white wood wrapped in silver wire.

Merisiel used her magical power to detect magic to study the scene, and identified the white staff as a staff of curing. They encouraged Ulrik Larsson of Uppsalir to take the staff. As he did so, however, a venomous serpent dropped down from the tree onto his shoulders and began to bit him furiously! Fortunately, he had a strong enough constitution to survive its venom! The brave heroes began to try to kill the serpent, but as they did so, another problem presented itself . . . from holes in the ground nearby slithered serpent people, reptilian humanoid horrors who joined in the battle against the heroes.

The fight was terrible. Everyone seemed to be having the most awful luck, fumbling and bumbling as a deadly fight endangered their lives. Finally, at long last, the heroes triumphed, and were able to claim the staff of curing and the treasures carried by the serpent folk and buried at the foot of the runestone (gold, an emerald, a ruby, and a diamond). In addition, they were finally able to read the runestone.

There were two distinct sets of writing on the runestone. One was a crudely carved warning, “BEWARE THE SERPENTS” . . . too late! The other was the proper, true runic script of the sacred runestones. It read:

“That other rune I know which all will need
Who leeches list to be
On the bark scratch them of bole in the woods
Whose boughs bend to the east.”

This was interpreted to mean that the staff of curing was created with the power of the second runestone, possibly carved from the wood of the very beech tree under which they found it. Triumphantly, the heroes began the long trek down the hill, wondering if there were any good food or drink to be had at the Falling Rain Inn . . .

XP Earned: 1200 (300 each)
Total XP: 1770 each
XP to level 2: 2000


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